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Learn How to Silence Your Mind – Oprah Winfrey Interviews Jill Bolte Taylor

Even though I said I would not put anymore “heavy” videos & was taking a break I could not pass the opportunity to pass on the phenomenal knowledge & wisdom coming from this interview with the brain scientist Dr.Jill Bolte Taylor having suffered a stroke & her amazing awakening.
Enjoy! It is really worth your time!

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Published on 26 Mar 2014
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Learn How to Silence Your Mind – Oprah Winfrey Interviews Jill Bolte Taylor


Being a PhotoReading Instructor and Trainer in Accelerated Learning and how to open up your intuition and creativity, this interview with Oprah Winfrey was of particular interest to me. Oprah was interviewing Dr Bolte Taylor, the Harvard Doctor and Brain Scientist who suffered a stroke which opened up to a whole new ‘right hemisphere’ world of peace, flow and contentment.

As Dr Bolte Taylor talked about her experience one of the other things that struck me was her constant reference to energy, and the importance of energy and intention…

Oprah Winfrey Interviews Jill Bolte Taylor: Links

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor: Home‎
Dr. Jill Taylor. … My interview with OPRAH on her Soul Series will be aired again this Sunday, August … I hope you will join us for this uplifting and inspiring interview! … As you know I care deeply about our brain and our relationship to it. … Wow, Oprah Winfrey blew my mind when she spotlighted a clip of our time together …

The Oprah Winfrey Interview – A Stroke of Insight with Dr Jill Bolte …… Oprah was interviewing Dr Bolte Taylor, the Harvard Doctor and Brain Scientist who … The quiet mind was so peaceful. … You have the ability to focus your mind on what you want to focus on. … Learning about how the mind and body and thoughts interact with each other was also a major turning point in Marilyn’s life.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor: Peace of Mind – @OWNTV … –…/blogs/Dr-…‎
Aug 10, 2012 – By Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor I grew up to study the brain because I have a … I didn’t even know what a mother was, much less who my mother was. … Oprah Winfrey Network … My mind suddenly existed in a state of total silence and in the … and experience my interviews with Oprah on “Super Soul …

Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight – Video – @OWNTV … –… When Harvard brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor suffered a stroke in 1996, she … Find out what channel the …

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor: Peace of Mind – Huffington Post… ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network to see Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor talk … I didn’t even know what a mother was, much less who my mother … My mind suddenly existed in a state of total silence and in the … For more information please visit and experience my interviews with Oprah on Super …

Speakers – New Home Page­s.html‎
Jill Bolte Taylor, William Buhlman, David Icke and other Speakers talking about Planetary … In moments of inner silence, if we practice extending consciousness antennas, … We must learn to live fully in our realities – in our own vibrations. …. Wow, Oprah Winfrey blew my mind when she spotlighted a clip of our time together …

Insight from TED Speaker and Brain Researcher: Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor…
Jul 25, 2013 – Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s 2008 TED presentation, Stroke of Insight, is one of … In my mind I heard the words “This is what I do and I love doing it. … A. For content: Do your homework and know your audience so you can …. and was interviewed by Oprah and Dr. Oz on The Oprah Winfrey Show in October, 2008.

Why right-brainers will rule this century –…
May 7, 2009 – Your left brain is logical, linear, by-the-numbers; the right side is … Oprah Winfrey talks with Daniel Pink about his groundbreaking book, “A Whole New Mind”, and explores how right-brain thinkers are … People like Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor [the Harvard-trained brain … the right brain says, ‘Be quiet — this is cool.

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The Clean slate- Prose- May 1993- Readjusted on January 2013

Giverny 2011 ©copyright2013owpp

Giverny 2011

Clean slate

He turns
In despair
Facing the sky
Not knowing why

Asking for,
To read
The signals

Take care
Rest his soul
The fear

The changes
The unknown
Till where

How far
It will go
The wandering

What appears
To be evil
Lose harshness

To the abyss
Love with
His heart
Not blabber

Tell them, listen
His own.

The energy
Long forgotten

In a porthole.
On the finer

Larger, fitter
Those moments

Those things
That come back
As delicate
As a blow

Of the wind
On his face.
The shivers
Along his spine

The burning
A clean slate.
To oblivion

From his mind
A loss of

From his percipience.
Time, the father
Of wisdom

He lets it
Run its course.
His lease.

Prayer in his heart
Straight to the
First pages
Of his book

Of patience
Toward his life.
Need him
Need them

Family, friends
Children encompassing
Their love, his love.

The laws, accepting…


Ruth stone Follow up of Elizabeth Gilbert

Three posts ago I gave you a video of Elizabeth Gilbert on TED
where she mentioned the genius of a certain Ruth Stone which
I obviously looked up on you tube out of curiosity.

What I found was a rare gem in the world of poetry.

She is a unique pearl where words magically pour out from her mouth.
There is a book on Amazon called What love comes to.
One can leaf through the first few pages.
A writer Sharon Olds describes her talent beautifully so I will
elaborate no further.

Meanwhile, enjoy this piece of heaven 🙂


Uploaded on May 21, 2009
Ruth Stone is a true American original. Now aged 93, she is still writing poetry of extraordinary variety and radiance. Pamela Robertson-Pearce filmed her in Vermont in September 2008. Ruth is almost blind but knows many of her poems by heart, and recites (or sings) several poems in this short film (prompted occasionally by editor Neil Astley). Born in Virginia in 1915, she has lived in rural Vermont for much of her life. In 1959, after her husband committed suicide, she had to raise three daughters alone, all the time writing what she called her love poems, all written to a dead man who forced her to ‘reside in limbo’ with her daughters. The poems are all from her recent retrospective WHAT LOVE COMES TO: NEW & SELECTED POEMS: ‘In an Iridescent Time’, ‘Orchard’, ‘The Talking Fish’, ‘The Excuse’, ‘Advice’, ‘I Have Three Daughters’ (which she sings), ‘Mantra’ and ‘The Season’. The poems are included here by permission of her publishers Copper Canyon Press in the US and Bloodaxe Books in the UK. For more details, see: