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Learn How to Silence Your Mind – Oprah Winfrey Interviews Jill Bolte Taylor

Even though I said I would not put anymore “heavy” videos & was taking a break I could not pass the opportunity to pass on the phenomenal knowledge & wisdom coming from this interview with the brain scientist Dr.Jill Bolte Taylor having suffered a stroke & her amazing awakening.
Enjoy! It is really worth your time!

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Published on 26 Mar 2014
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Learn How to Silence Your Mind – Oprah Winfrey Interviews Jill Bolte Taylor


Being a PhotoReading Instructor and Trainer in Accelerated Learning and how to open up your intuition and creativity, this interview with Oprah Winfrey was of particular interest to me. Oprah was interviewing Dr Bolte Taylor, the Harvard Doctor and Brain Scientist who suffered a stroke which opened up to a whole new ‘right hemisphere’ world of peace, flow and contentment.

As Dr Bolte Taylor talked about her experience one of the other things that struck me was her constant reference to energy, and the importance of energy and intention…

Oprah Winfrey Interviews Jill Bolte Taylor: Links

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor: Home‎
Dr. Jill Taylor. … My interview with OPRAH on her Soul Series will be aired again this Sunday, August … I hope you will join us for this uplifting and inspiring interview! … As you know I care deeply about our brain and our relationship to it. … Wow, Oprah Winfrey blew my mind when she spotlighted a clip of our time together …

The Oprah Winfrey Interview – A Stroke of Insight with Dr Jill Bolte …… Oprah was interviewing Dr Bolte Taylor, the Harvard Doctor and Brain Scientist who … The quiet mind was so peaceful. … You have the ability to focus your mind on what you want to focus on. … Learning about how the mind and body and thoughts interact with each other was also a major turning point in Marilyn’s life.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor: Peace of Mind – @OWNTV … –…/blogs/Dr-…‎
Aug 10, 2012 – By Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor I grew up to study the brain because I have a … I didn’t even know what a mother was, much less who my mother was. … Oprah Winfrey Network … My mind suddenly existed in a state of total silence and in the … and experience my interviews with Oprah on “Super Soul …

Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight – Video – @OWNTV … –… When Harvard brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor suffered a stroke in 1996, she … Find out what channel the …

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor: Peace of Mind – Huffington Post… ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network to see Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor talk … I didn’t even know what a mother was, much less who my mother … My mind suddenly existed in a state of total silence and in the … For more information please visit and experience my interviews with Oprah on Super …

Speakers – New Home Page­s.html‎
Jill Bolte Taylor, William Buhlman, David Icke and other Speakers talking about Planetary … In moments of inner silence, if we practice extending consciousness antennas, … We must learn to live fully in our realities – in our own vibrations. …. Wow, Oprah Winfrey blew my mind when she spotlighted a clip of our time together …

Insight from TED Speaker and Brain Researcher: Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor…
Jul 25, 2013 – Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s 2008 TED presentation, Stroke of Insight, is one of … In my mind I heard the words “This is what I do and I love doing it. … A. For content: Do your homework and know your audience so you can …. and was interviewed by Oprah and Dr. Oz on The Oprah Winfrey Show in October, 2008.

Why right-brainers will rule this century –…
May 7, 2009 – Your left brain is logical, linear, by-the-numbers; the right side is … Oprah Winfrey talks with Daniel Pink about his groundbreaking book, “A Whole New Mind”, and explores how right-brain thinkers are … People like Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor [the Harvard-trained brain … the right brain says, ‘Be quiet — this is cool.

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Angeles Arrien: Archetypal Forms and Forces (excerpt) — Thinking Allowed DVD w/ Jeffrey Mishlove

This video is the type you can watch a few times and each time,
listen to it differently, appreciate the depth and meaning
of her words a little more.

I found it on another blog but as I follow quite a few brilliant
bloggers, if I don’t write down straight away its origin it gets
lost in the labyrinth of my brain, which was this time, the case 🙂

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Her way of explaining how
to get about creativity and how it happens, is just beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend!

Uploaded on Aug 26, 2010
NOTE: This is an excerpt from the two-part, 60-minute DVD.

Archetypal energies beckon us to live a larger life. We are all healers, warriors, visionaries and teachers — but often these potentials remain in latent form. Through song, dance, storytelling and meditation we can activate these archetypes.

Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., a cross-cultural anthropologist, is on the faculty of the California Institute of Integral Studies and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She is author of The Tarot Handbook, The Fourfold Way and Signs of Life.
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Bill Moyers interview with Ursula K. LeGuin about “Lathe of Heaven”

There are interviews where you immediately shut off when the interviewer
starts asking his questions to the interviewee.

Others where you feel the chemistry running and are hooked till
the last word is said. This is how I felt when I saw this one with Bill
Moyers interviewing Ursula K. Leguin.

He managed to bring out her rich personality, listening to her is captivating.
She reaches out to the listener and makes them feel a kinship to her ideas about
writing a book, her characters, her peaceful way of thinking about life, growth,

I could go on and on… In short it’s a very interesting video to watch for
those curious about the literate world and professionals.

Enjoy and let me know what YOU think about it 🙂


Published on May 2, 2012
Bill Moyers intertview with Ursula K. LeGuin concerning the PBS
movie adaptation of her novel “Lathe of Heaven”.

92Y Video From The Poetry Center Archives: Ian Frazier And John McPhee

Gabi Coatsworth is the one who introduced me to
the discovery of John Mc Phee when she reblogged
an article about him which was fascinating by just
a small published piece of an article he wrote. It
Came from the Fairfield Writer’s blog.

Indirectly, with this interview, I got to Ian Frazier,
who is a charismatic person in his own right and I am
sure going to look up soon enough his works too.

I then, looked John Mc Phee up on You tube and couldn’t get
enough interviews of him…

He is witty, fascinating in the knowledge that pours
out from him and a huge talent in the literate world.

I hope you will enjoy this delightful time you’ll spend
watching 🙂


Uploaded on Jul 29, 2011
92Y Poetry:…

Last December, Ian Frazier and John McPhee—two of The New Yorker’s best “place-profilers”— appeared at 92nd Street Y’s Unterberg Poetry Center to read from their new books: Frazier’s Travels in Siberia and McPhee’s Silk Parachute.

After their readings, the two writers were interviewed by Mark Singer, and today’s video features an excerpt from that conversation, which ranges from the origins of their recent work to how they’ve influenced each other over the years.

Read more on the 92Y Blog:…
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Eat Pray Love’s Elizabeth Gilbert on Q TV

This is another author that was suggested by the same blogger as for the author Mary Karr.
I am posting this specific interview ( there are a few to choose from ) because
I found her views on marriage quite revolutionary and fascinating.

Her ideas seem very rational, sensible, balanced and pragmatic. I had read two years ago
her book ” committed ” and had loved it. This interview revived all the material stocked
in my memory.

I hope you’ll enjoy her clarity and brilliant perception.

Uploaded on Mar 22, 2010
The author of the monster-best-selling book ‘Eat Pray Love’ is back with a new memoir titled ‘Committed’.
People & Blogs
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Point Loma Writers: Mary Karr

I found out about Mary Karr from another blogger’s post ( sorry! I can’t remember the name 😦 )
and looked her up on you tube.
I really had so much fun and information from the literary world that I thought I’d share
it today with you.

Even though I had a whole load of work to do, I dropped it all to indulge in this interview.
I can now, go back to my previous plans with a different frame of mind.

I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

Uploaded on Apr 21, 2011
Noted author of “Lit,” “Cherry” and “The Liars’ Club” Mary Karr reveals her approach to writing these sometimes humorous, sometimes blistering and always candid best-selling memoirs in this interview with journalist Dean Nelson as part of the 2011 Writer’s Symposium by the Sea sponsored by Point Loma Nazarene University. Series: “Writer’s Symposium By The Sea” [4/2011] [Public Affairs] [Humanities] [Show ID: 20666]
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