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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Fleeting moments of unadulterated silence

Fleeting moments

Fleeting moments

We have been given a late summer this year, yet my heart isn’t letting go of winter peels.
Joy struggles in the shadows, planning an escape that bounces off the walls of life. Of the mind.

Happiness is truly within.

Sun might enhance the rainbows of our soul, like contrast adding sharpness to a photo defining its contours but it isn’t the essential ingredient.

Yet, I inherently know delight lies in wait, lurks around the corner. A lifetime doesn’t vanish into oblivion.

I slow my pace in all good summer tradition, setting aside guilt (for imposing my will to those around me) living days moment by moment, listening to the pulses of nature, savouring every sound, celebrating the notion of nothingness surprised by the calmness that proceeds, appreciating the wonders of wildlife accompanying us wherever we are, on a daily basis gone unnoticed…

We are born to think motion is the only motor of survival, the only form of sanity but we forget to retire for a while from the hubbub to calm the nervous energy that comes with it.

We still have more than a month left. I know this might last no longer than the ink absorbed unto this page but I won’t forget so easily those fleeting moments of unadulterated silence & invite you to do the same 🙂

A very pleasant summer to you all!!


Music in raindrops…


While waiting in the car on a rainy day, words came accompanied by the rhythm of nature…

Pit pat, pit pat raindrops there you
On the borders of my soul, composing music
as you roll.
Comforting bruises new & old, rocking me out
of my mould.
Turning nuisance into charm, when the curtains
are drawn,
Keeping sunshine at bay, eluding the realities
of night & day…

A promise is a promise… Tornado bigger version100/120 cm


I promised a bigger version would be following…
I named it, Tornado. Made on a 100/120cm linen canvas.
Forces of nature are fascinating, it’s
a demonstration of raw power par excellence.
Having said that I’d rather stick to my canvas than approaching one of them.
Notice the movement & metallic colors used to convey the electrifying energy emanating from a stormy atmosphere.
Extra strong gel medium was used to produce the relief.
I want to take this opportunity to announce the opening of my new online shop on Saatchi Art (I encountered too many technical difficulties on Etsy when they lately changed their rules)
Will keep you updated as soon as I have the time to feed my account with photos of my painting collections.

Wishing all of you an amazing summer!
Thank you for your continual support, I don’t think I could have gotten that far…



Tornado 100-120 cm 22.6.2016 (16)-1-

Tornado 100-120 cm 22.6.2016 (17)-1-

Tornado 100-120 cm 22.6.2016 (15)-1-

Tornado 100-120 cm 22.6.2016 (18)-1-