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Monthly Archives: October 2016

The Happy Tree – New oil painting project finally finished!


It has been a long time since last post… being very busy with many painting projects.
I have switched momentarily to oil painting, love the texture but still use acrylic for specific effects on other projects which demand that quality, texture & movement.
The birth of this painting was magical. It reflects the joys of our daily routine which usually go unnoticed.
The tree collection is thriving…
This one is called Happy to bring trees to our notice & appreciation.
I guess you can call it a work of gratitude.
Trees make life beautiful, it’s alive, it grows, summer it gives shade, winter shelter from winds & storms, it (sometimes) nourishes, provides wood for all kind of purposes, gives oxygen, lightens our hearts in every aspect, decorates our outdoors, indoors, minds & souls,goes with the cycle of seasons a symbol of rebirth…
This is a reminder that We are lucky to be surrounded by them day in day out!
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The happy tree


The Happy Tree