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Horses & sea… life’s canvas when words do not suffice

Horse art... ©copyright2014owpp

Horse art…

I have always been fascinated by three powerful forces of nature (among others but those are my favorite) horses, dolphins and the sea but as the second is inaccessible to me unless I go to these infamous shows, I content myself with the two which is why I have come up today with the best of my collection in the hope it’ll speak to you as much as it did to me when I picked up my lens.
It is what I do when trying to convey what words cannot, when they do not suffice…
But the ultimate in my eyes would be to immortalize the same moments with them galloping in the wild.
It is indeed a beautiful & soothing visualization exercise 😉

A important detail:
The photos were taken on the spur of a magical moment, there was no setting of scenery.

Which one do you elect as your favorite?

Shapes, colors, waves & solitude... ©copyright2014owpp

Shapes, colors, waves & solitude…

Pausing at endless horizons... ©copyright2014owpp

Pausing at endless horizons…

Picture perfect! ©copyright2014owpp

Picture perfect!

Regenerating  batteries :) ©copyright2014owpp

Regenerating batteries 🙂

Busy shores & humor... this reminded me of "March of the penguins" ©copyright2014owpp

Busy shores & humor… this reminded me of “March of the penguins”

Blue haze at sunset ©copyright2014owpp

Blue haze at sunset

Last but not least...Tones rapidly changing ©copyright2014owpp

Last but not least…Tones rapidly changing


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A lover of poetry, abstract and realistic painting, music, good writing, languages, Italy, photography, holistic therapies, natural lifestyle and fully living the moment.

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  1. Bellissime foto, donano un senso di grande libertà. Sono tutte belle, ma la seconda mi affascina moltissimo.
    Saluti, Patrizia

    • Wow! Che bel commento, è preciso e pieno di poesia.
      Lei ha descritto loro il modo che volevo.
      Molte grazie e un buon fine settimana a voi 🙂

      Wow! What a beautiful comment, it’s precise & full of poetry.
      You have described them the way I wanted to.
      Many thanks & a good weekend to you 🙂

  2. They are all really wonderful. I too feel an affinity with horses in particular. The sea as well but not like I do for horses. I love to see them riderless, running wild as well, something not often seen by most now. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images.

  3. Hi- Shapes, colors caught my eye- love “threes” great composition. Also, Blue Haze – very serene. Nice set.

    • Thanks so very much for this feedback!
      I’m glad this post got so much response, it shows there are a lot more people out there interested in nature.
      It makes photography much more rewarding when you can share the passion.
      Have a very good week 🙂

  4. Looking at these made me feel peaceful and joyful for the natural beauty that lives in our world. Great eye. Great feeling. Thank you!

    • Wow! You honor my work with much praise which I’m very grateful for 🙂
      I am glad my photos had such a positive effect, it shows how we should treat this tool with respect & use it to bring light to this world & not the opposite…
      Thank you for this delightful comment 🙂

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  6. Take your breath away beautiful!. The sea and the horse – a combination that is sheer poetry.

  7. Beautiful photos. I like the flaming sunset picture. Sometimes I think about letting go of writing and returning to the simplicity of photography with it’s direct communion and communication for me. 🙂

  8. All of these photos are beautiful. What a precious gift to spend time with the sea and horses. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    • I wish I did spend time with them, I was just a silent admirer 🙂
      Capturing these precious moments was a kind of tribute to that animal & all it represents.
      If I can’t spend time with them I at least want to communicate my love & passion for them & their beauty through my lens.
      Thanks for making time & effort to comment, it’s much appreciated 🙂

  9. The first one is powerful. The horses are close. I can feel them, as well as the surf. Excellent shot.


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