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The Path of the Horse – Full Length documentary

Being a horse lover I found myself of late looking at many YouTube videos, on the different paths taken, to keep them as a hobby, train them as a job & have ended up with this one which I immediately connected with & could relate to from the first words pronounced…
It is a precious documentary on a personal journey of self & horse behavior…
On horse language & on how to bring out a maximum from a horse, the gentle way.
It is an hour long but oh so worth it if your interest lies in that direction 🙂
Wishing you a joyful summer!
All my apologies for not being able to like or comment but I need to focus on my family & spend quality time with them during summer time.

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Published on 15 Oct 2012
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Film Synopsis:
Watch The Movie That’s Changing Lives…

‘The Path of the Horse’ documentary explores the future of horse-human relationships. Join former horse trainer Stormy May as she travels the world to interview today’s leading horsemanship teachers and visionaries; Alexander Nevzorov, Klaus Hempfling, Linda Kohanov, Mark Rashid, Carolyn Resnick, and equine artist Kim McElroy.

You can find the song, Set me Free, on Angelika’s album, “Love keeps singing (Love songs for the true self)” at
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  1. Thank you for the horse resources. Enjoy your summer!

  2. Thank you for liking my blog. I saw this documentary awhile ago and was mesmerized. It was one of those days I had things to do but couldn’t resist watching. Then I was into clicker training very heavily and was sorry they didn’t interview someone from that world. Do you have a horse?

    I also love the picture above of the lake by St. Moritz.

    • Glad to know it had that effect on you too! I thought I would start seeing it & skip the boring parts but didn’t find any…
      I looked up “clicker training” as I’d never heard of it & enjoyed the information & the novelty of an other technique so, many thanks for that :).
      I wish I had a horse, it’s one of my dreams, but not for riding it, just for the love of this magnificent animal.
      It’s interesting that I have lately made many inquiries about volunteering to look after horses & I was asked if I have any knowledge about riding & I explained that it didn’t interest me as such, that my wish is to communicate & look after them… it was a fact that I had not given much thought about, then, I saw this documentary & understood why I had felt that way, it all made sense.
      I have come to realize that in life it’s always best to go by your instincts, they are generally good guidance 🙂

      • Well, there are lots of people who enjoy communicating and looking after horses without riding them. I don’t particularly care for riding either, though I am driving one my mare in a carriage and enjoying that immensely. I also like going for walks with my mare too. I have friends in Britain who take their horses for walks on the moors without a halter or lead.

        You are so right about trusting your instincts. That is so very true. I don’t always know how to read them though. I hope you find a place where you can be with horses, take care of them, without having to ride them.

      • Thanks for your generous & good wishes, I hope they materialize!
        Glad to hear others enjoy horses without having to use them… it is very rare to find 🙂

  3. unfortunately i don’t have the bandwidth to watch long videos but can figure out what you’re thinking by reading your post and comments. i agree with you about this wonderful animal. they ARE mind-readers and so compassionate. years ago, i was going thru, well, a breakdown, and every night at midnight i went to the horse pasture and sat outside against the fence. i had two horses in there and they’d faithfully come over to me and nuzzle my head and hang over me until i got cold [despite their warm breathing on my head] and went back home. there was an amazing connection that i definitely felt was coming from them TO me, not the other way around. i adore them and have had them since i was a girl. i haven’t had one now in too many years but am close to one now that will be coming to stay, fingers crossed. my granddaughter loves to ride at 9 – young but she’s quite mature and intuitive – i am certain she feels the great empathy these gentle giants possess. when she visits next, i hope i will have a new friend for her.

    blessings to you…

    • What a beautiful testimony! It confirms what I felt deep down about that animal without having owned one in my whole life but just out of very short encounters to the countryside.
      I am very excited for your plans in the future & hope they come to fruition 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your touching story! Feel free to share further any additional ones whenever you have another encounter, I just love them 🙂

      • That is very kind, thank you! If we get what a hope is a small mare, I will certainly be posting about her. I’m quite excited but groan when I think about the fences that are likely down and the trough that needs replumbing. But horses are worth it, at least ‘i’ think so. My husband may disagree with my enthusiasm however…. 😉

      • I know… we have toyed with the very small idea of purchasing a dwarf rabbit for many years & just got one a few weeks ago, that is because I couldn’t face the constant cleaning, caring & feeding but it gives so much to each member of the family myself included that I can understand your wish to shove aside the inconveniences in order to reap the benefits.
        A pity you don’t have the facility to watch YouTube I think you would’ve loved it!

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