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Through this huge mistake I am learning…

Knowing when to stop-limits

Well, this is how I feel with my blog! The work of a whole year seems to have gone down the drain… the worst part is that I can only be mad at myself ;).

I have put back all the photos in my media as I was instructed to do but it doesn’t show in my posts so, I am just giving up on this blog, in the sense that I’m not going to insert in 400 posts my photos back again and maybe take the advice of a blogger and open another link as oawritingspoemspaintings2 and just do things better this time.

I am very grateful to have very kind bloggers who gave me precious information and now I know not to erase photos from my media,how to check the GB of my media library, know not to put photos that are too large and that videos take a load of GB so, I probably won’t include videos in the new one.

My media has 2.3GB already used out of 3GB (it’s 76%) I’ll go on posting from next week onward and try to work my way through the opening of a new one… wish me luck! This one was created by my oldest so, we’ll see if I can prove to be independent 🙂


About oawritingspoemspaintings

A lover of poetry, abstract and realistic painting, music, good writing, languages, Italy, photography, holistic therapies, natural lifestyle and fully living the moment.

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  1. Catherine Johnson

    Oh dear. This flummoxed me too.I started deleting photos and then suddenly I didn’t. Get the warnings anymore. Do you know if you get more space if you buy your domain through WordPress?

    • You are very lucky! How did you realize you had to stop?
      I know I can buy but at the moment I don’t have the means, I imagine it must be expensive no?

      • Catherine Johnson

        I think it’s 70 dollars per year. I just hope I don’t get another warning soon. I can’t blog without pictures :0)

      • Who sent you a warning? I never got one. One blogger advised me to post them smaller so it shouldn’t take up too much space, did you know about that?

      • Catherine Johnson

        No I didn’t know that. I just got a message on the screen that there was no room left.

      • So you are at the end of your GB! You see, I never knew anything about limited space, GB’s or media being linked to our posts.
        There’s still a lot to learn & hopefully not the hard way like this time 🙂
        A very nice blogger suggested I open up a oawritingpoemspaintings2 it sounds like a good idea as a follow up of this one with more experience…what do you think?
        I’m afraid a new link shall make my viewers drop.

  2. I know how it feels. Best wishes!

  3. If you upload a photo into a blog post, it goes to your media gallery and is linked. If you remove the media, that link becomes broken and the image is gone. If you return the image to your media gallery, it now has a new unique link address. You will need to edit your original post and relink to the new image address.

    By the way, I resize all my photos to about 1200 maximum pixel length and each image is about 700kB size only. Despite the numerous photos on my blog, I have barely even reached 5% of my limit in 10 months. I’m sorry to hear about your woes.

    • Thanks for taking your time to let me know all this valuable information but I’m still very unfamiliar with the language you use.
      I’m curious as to what 1200 pixel length means & 700 kB. How do I verify those numbers & make sure I’ve got them right before posting a photo?

      • I guess it depends on what software you use, but when you choose export, there should be an option to resize maximum pixel length. Try googling “resize jpeg images (and the name of your software)” to find help.

      • Thanks a lot! I thought it meant I just needed to click on “thumbnail-medium or large” on media before putting it on the post.
        I appreciate the effort it took to try & help, thanks a bunch 🙂

  4. Hi, Sorry to hear about your trouble. I usually post (using LR as my editing tool) at 850 mp on the long side and 72 DPI. That keeps the photos a smaller file size but large enough to enjoy and also deters anyone from being able to steal and print at a large size (as it pixelates out).

    • Gosh! I have no idea about the terms you are using, how does one reduce the photos besides going through a lengthy process someone else suggested?
      Is it easy to do? I really appreciated the good will of so many bloggers to help! I’m amazed at such kindness.

      • It is super easy through LR…do you use that? hat editing tool do you use?

      • No, I have never used it. I put my photos in my laptop in the documentary file or skydrive then, put it in the media to post it on the blog. I’ve been doing that forever, it seems so much simpler than all the suggestions I’ve been getting which I know is precious & eventually will learn how to get about it but as for now it seems like climbing Everest 😉

      • Do you take your own photos for the blog or use creative commons ones from others? Not sure if you use other’s images. I can suggest, which has a free component to it editing. After you upload your image, edit with the tools (or don’t). But then you save it and can resize it there (by changing pixel #s and save as lowest quality). An easy way to do without knowing anything too technical. Google free editing programs and you will find a number of them!

      • I take the photos myself and adjust the exposure, crop and can put in black & white in my photo gallery. It’s a very limited photo-shop, do you think I can do it there?

      • Yes, and better. Vert easy to use! Try it with a photo.

  5. In your photo software that you use on your computer you can re-size your image and change the pixel size to 72 DPI.. ( I have to do change the pixel size too but forget most of the time ) and when you decided to make a new blog, just write a post on your old blog with the link provided and your faithful followers will follow you to the new blog 🙂
    groetjes, Francina

    • I am really touched by the help I got from so many bloggers & appreciate truly yours too 🙂
      I’ll try & get familiar with this new idea of having to work on your photo before posting it, it sounds so very complicated but maybe it’s because it’s so new to me. Thanks for taking your time and your ideas, I appreciate the effort provided 🙂

  6. It’s happened to me too. Devastating! !!!

    • Thanks for commiserating with my plight. Yesterday was a real downer, I felt as you said, devastated but today is another day and I think I’m not going to give up and try to save one by one the photos of 400 posts and hope everyone will be patient with me as it’s going to be a lengthy process 🙂
      There are too many hours of my life invested in it for me to lift up my hands! It might be easier to let go but it’s not the right thing to do.
      Thanks for your support, I appreciate it more than you know 🙂

  7. Frustrating and madding all at the same time – we loose so much time dealing with these technology issues. Glad to read your post today how you’re going to tackle the issue. With all my photo’s I’m have only 1% of storage used – those video’s take up a whole lot of space. Sorry to read this ~

  8. It would be nice if WordPress has a tip sheet for bloggers with information such as this so everyone knows what to expect. Sorry to hear about your problems.


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