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And I thought I was “cleaning up” my media library!



Just as we bloggers are linked by similar interests so is our media library to our blog. It is not just a transfer- facility as I thought it was.
When did I come to this realization? When my header disappeared after I had erased the photo from it and came back once I put it back there! I then had to ask for WordPress-help to know if my suspicions were founded.
(and I thought I was a pro ;))
When a blogger noticed some of my photos were gone I put it on recent problems I had noticed on other blogs at the time, in fact it was of my own doing and last night I started feeding back my media-library and hope to be able to recover them all as I suspect that I might have erased a few from my laptop as well.

So, this whole week (with luck!) I’m afraid I’ll have to work intensely on that as there are loads of photos… this post being the 399th with this blog ( I’m proud to say!) being as young as one year and one month old!

All my apologies for this impromptu interruption… I’m already looking forward to coming back 🙂

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A lover of poetry, abstract and realistic painting, music, good writing, languages, Italy, photography, holistic therapies, natural lifestyle and fully living the moment.

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  1. Yup, I’ve done exactly the same thing myself! 🙂

    • Oh, this is such consolation, I thought I was the only one! I have since tried to put them back plus some more as I can’t remember which ones were in the post but now my media is full so I’m faced with a new problem… it is so time consuming I sometimes get discouraged enough to think about giving up. If you are familiar with that one & have any idea how to solve it I’d be so very grateful!

      • Oh please don’t give up – I didn’t realise that there was a limit – I know some people have two blogs, but I don’t know if they are linked or not. If you are paying for a premium site is there any way of contacting wordpress? Have a quick look on their forums – I’m sure other people must have encountered the same problem too. If you can’t find a way around it then maybe it is time for oawritingspoemspaintings2 🙂 I hope you get it sorted ((hugs))

      • Thanks for this new suggestion, never thought of having more than one blog, it’s hard enough to keep up with that!
        How does one let the others know about the old & new one without confusing or losing viewers? Are you familiar with that?
        Thanks for these words of encouragement I just needed them 🙂

      • I’ve seen others do it – they just made a post saying this is my new blog please follow the links and ‘follow’. Also you can search for your regulars and post a comment on their blog saying – Hi – new blog – check me out!

      • Thanks! I appreciate your support & new ideas 🙂
        Since you mentioned it I’ve been warming up to the idea & that’ll be my next project after I’ve restored my blog.
        Thanks a lot!

      • Yay!! You can always reblog some of your older posts onto your new site too!! 🙂

      • That’s another idea too, you are full of them, thanks! I nevertheless posted today an update saying that I’m restoring the posts for…however long it take and reducing the pixels of the photos which will probably free some space for a while (I hope!) & if all goes according to plan I’ll feel I’ve literally climbed Mount Everest 🙂
        Thanks for all your support!

      • you’re welcome! Glad to be of service!! xx

  2. Very recognizable 🙂

    • You too? Have you any idea how to solve a full media-library? That is what I’m faced with right now 🙂

      • When I started blogging I did not made my photos smaller, now I do. I use 1000 x 665 right now for most of the photos. And I deleted many too from my first posts, the one I less liked myself. When my media library is full again, I will have to delete some of the posts again..I think you can upgrade your blog to get more data space but then it gets more expensive too , so for now I stick by smaller pictures and deleting the older posts when the media-library is full again. or make eventually a second blog and divide the two blogs in writing and photography 🙂

      • Wow! Thanks so much for all that information! I thought it was limitless, I really am new at this 🙂
        I truly appreciate your help!

      • you’re welcome 🙂

  3. What a lot of work. Congrats on the restructuring and Anniversary.

  4. Your media library also has an upload limit of 3GB. Mine is at 36% (after deleting some stuff). So, it’s a good idea to make images smaller to save the space. I figure I have a few more years until mine runs out.

    • You see, I never knew that! So, there is some good that comes out of every situation…
      You are saying that putting the photos in our post smaller saves place in our media? So, our posts are link that way too, with our media? Do you have any idea how we check the amount of GB used?
      I would’ve been much more careful had I known earlier but then I can always change my photos to smaller but it’s a huge work,
      Oh, well, we’ll see…
      Sorry to assail you with so many questions, I hope you don’t mind 🙂

      • No problem. Go to your dashboard. On left, go down to media and click on it. Click on Library. Under the title Media Library it will tell you how much you have used. 3GB is quite a lot. For most people, it will last years, unless they are posting ten photos or videos a day.

      • This is truly precious and valuable information! Thanks ever so much, it’s truly appreciated 🙂

  5. I just did the same thing you did – deleted a bunch of photos from my media library at wordpress – and then later found out that those photos were deleted from my blog. I am still working on re-inserting the photos. I also lost my header because that was one of the photos I’d deleted.

    I wrote a post about this at my blog and a number of my readers commented that this had happened to them too. This makes me think that it probably happens to LOTS of people. So I wonder why wordpress doesn’t give a bigger notice on how that works for those of us who are unaware. I thought I was the only one…and it was due to my lack of tech knowledge and semi-ludditeness.

    It is helpful for me to read through your comments and learn a little more about these things.
    So a BIG thanks for writing about it.

    • Oh my gosh! I don’t believe there are so many out there doing the same mistake! I was totally devastated when it happened because I erased ALL of them and I have 400 posts.
      Now I had a very hectic week so I didn’t have the energy to focus on it but if I don’t get soon to work I’ll be pushing it off forever 😦
      Thanks for letting me know, it does the world’s difference to know you are not alone in this. Wish me luck, I appreciate your support!

  6. My commiserations – I hadn’t caught up with your news yet! It sounds like a horrible job ahead of you – I have not encountered this myself, but I probably don’t post enough. I hope you can get it sorted out so we can keep seeing your beautiful photos and art xo


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