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Introducing you to my latest painting… Nuit étoilée-Starry night!

Nuit étoilée (starry night) final result! ©copyright2015owpp

Nuit étoilée (starry night) final result!

It is not easy to juggle two different types of Media facilities (Instagram LIFE_PAINTINGS) at least for my generation, born with computers being a rarity 😉
Nevertheless, I finally got down to post my latest work!
I’m curious & excited to get your feedback for this one.
I enjoyed so much the whole process that I got straight back on to another project after that!
The stars are faithful to the Jackson Pollock method which I find myself gravitate toward from time to time…
Here are the 1st & 2nd Gesso layer.

Ground layer for Nuit étoilée ©copyright2015owpp

Ground layer for Nuit étoilée

2nd layer ©copyright2015owpp

2nd layer


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  1. These are beautiful! For the second one I feel the depth of the picture and for the third I feel movement of water.

  2. The contrasting colours you use add a lot of depth and certainly draw the eye in for a closer look. I love the Jackson Pollock technique on the final result. It really deepens the three dimensional element to that one. I feel like I am being called to go for a journey down stream, under the sparks of light flashing in the foreground. How I love your creativity, congratulations on these captivating creations! All the best – Lisa

  3. Now you are talking! This is fantastic!!!!!

  4. Loving “Starry Night”! Absolutely poetic.

    • Thank you Elena! Poetic is what I usually strive for & sometimes it gladly bursts out in the easiest ways 🙂
      Emotions are what attracts us to that field in the first place & colour is a most perfect & beautiful language…
      But who am I to tell you that 🙂

    • Thank you! I did get good feedback on Instagram too. If you ever find yourself visiting, be sure to check LIFE_PAINTINGS
      I am always amazed at how a painting develops. My plan is sometimes so vague, I put one layer then I let it simmer, come back, let it again, think about it, ponder & plan… then as I come back once more to experience the fun of colour shapes & movement & it suddenly takes a totally different direction.
      When it takes a turn like this one, I feel truly blessed 🙂


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