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Beautiful coccinelle (ladybug)

Minuscule ladybug ©copyright2013owpp

Minuscule ladybug

Summer is a time where we can focus on the small wonders and that’s the result.
Have a lovely weekend!

Coccinelle (Ladybug)

Oh! Beautiful minuscule
Coccinelle. You climb the
Himalayan finger, drink
From the nectar, travel
Far and beyond the stone
World, cross the colored
Deserts of tablecloths,
Read my books, risk your
Life zigzagging your way
Through treacherous petals,
Knock on my window begging
For entry…

In the space of an afternoon
You were busier and more
Adventurous than any astute
And canny explorer.

Climbing the Himalayas ©copyright2013owpp

Climbing the Himalayas

Deserts of stone ©copyright2013owpp

Deserts of stone



Ladybug reading my book ©copyright2013owpp

Ladybug reading my book

So small! ©copyright2013owpp

So small!

Aphididae drinking the nectar ©copyright2013owpp

Aphididae drinking the nectar

Those treacherous petals! ©copyright2013owpp

Those treacherous petals!

Far & beyond... ©copyright2013owpp

Far & beyond…

Knocking on our window! ©copyright2013owpp

Knocking on our window!


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  1. Beautiful set of photos, I just adore those little ladybugs, We have not seen as many here in the UK this year, but we have had an abundance of Butterflies which the other year they too were scarce so I hope the drop in these wonderful little aphid eating creatures will return next year like the butterflies..

    Many thanks for your wonderful photos
    Sue xox

    • I was looking out for butterflies too but found so few! Besides they flew practically the instant after they landed on a flower so, I managed to grab one shot (not too sharp) which I’ll eventually post…
      Thanks for this wonderful feedback, it’s genuinely appreciated 🙂
      Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Fabulous photos & I love the poem. Kudos~

  3. Ladybugs are beautiful and what a great span of photos to accompany the poem 🙂

  4. Isabella Rose Photography

    Beautiful photo – nature is amazing. Have a wonderful weekend. ♥

  5. This is one of those intriguing UK/US naming anomalies – we call the Ladybirds over here (in this particular instance I think I prefer our version – bugs are meant for squishing?)
    I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed their nymphs, now they are vicious looking blighters!

    • Well, that’s exactly why I used the French name which is so delicate and adequate to this type of aphid but ladybird is nice too, I hadn’t know about it. Thanks for the info!
      If we get very close to any insect they will always look vicious, that’s what I find at least.


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