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The bonfire. A glimpse into my working space

There still is a lot more work to be done on this one but I wanted to keep you updated with the stages it’s going through.
Here, I am using extra strong gel medium to even out the texture and “nooks and crannies” of each flame which is a work of patience that I’ll have to take in my stride especially after just recovering from the flue. This is the last project of my bonfire collection.

You can check the first ones in this blog by typing in the search sidebar Bonfire and scrolling down to check the four…

Please excuse any mistakes in this post as it is the first time I am not using my laptop to do it.

It’s a great relief to have worked out how to be able to post from anywhere.

Any suggestions or tips would be welcomed and truly helpful ☺

For orders please contact
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Sunflower versus sun

Sun to sun ©copyright2013owpp

Sun to sun

Sun to sun
Cheek to cheek
Bright and alight
Facing your alike

Facing your alike  ©copyright2013owpp

Facing your alike

Busy bees :) ©copyright2013owpp

Busy bees 🙂

Our most prized-May 1995 adjusted on January 2013



This poem was inspired by the disadvantages of distances separating us from…

Our most prized

The need, the warmth
Living so far apart
Precious time wasted
Each preoccupied

With their lives
Working day in
Day out, slipping
Into the bed of

A satisfying day
Yet nostalgia

Stealing eventually
Into a few suitcases
Memories and laughter
Till it bursts so we

Will not go missing…
Wait, count the months,
Days… To cozen distance (1)
Bargain again

And pack a rod
Of love from
Our most prized…


v. coz•ened, coz•en•ing, coz•ens
1. To mislead by means of a petty trick or fraud; deceive.
2. To persuade or induce to do something by cajoling or wheedling.
3. To obtain by deceit or persuasion.
To act deceitfully.
[Perhaps from Middle English cosin, fraud, trickery.]

Old and new-Street art

Street art ©copyright2013owpp

Street art

Old and new
Sun or dew
You watch
And purview
The stroll
Of the slew

Old & new ©copyright2013owpp

Old & new

A Daedalean mind-1989 adjusted on the 26.2.2013

this symmetric & fascinating planet ©copyright2013owpp

this symmetric & fascinating planet

A Daedalean (1) mind

To speak or
Not to speak?

He uses extremes
Romancing life
Hyperbolizing (2)
Instead of
The grace…

The elegance
And charm
Just enough
To keep
The warmth
Of human

Keeping at bay
What is
Accepted topics
Safe and comfortable
All but lineal.
Loosing himself.

Regretful about
Having divulged
In a confession…
His inner…
His mind
Going in
An overdrive
By his past.

Rare moments
Of confrontation.
In the purlieus. (3)
Wondering… was
He too candid,
A Neophyte
At life?
Did he owe
A summary

Of his every
Did he have to
Legitimize them,
His behavior,
His awkwardness
And moderate
His floods

Of fervor
And passion?
His mind
With big
Question marks.
His act of defiance…
Test the

Of his “opponent”,
Throw the
Of his being
In a first shot.
Their reactions.
Would they
Would he…

So he could
The insanity
Of this planet.
His motto,
Aim so as
Not to be
Aimed at.

Rated or
As cattle.
Take it
Or throw it
Do not
Mock his
His suffering

By the illiteracy
Of another’s path and,
Futile attempts
To lending
An ear.
He treads on,
A better
World to come

Coercing it
To arise
From the
Of his
To this folly…
This symmetric
And fascinating

Insane planet.


Dae·da·lus (ddl-s)
n. Greek Mythology
A renowned craftsman, sculptor, and inventor and builder of the Labyrinth. He fashioned the wings with which he and his son Icarus escaped from Crete after their imprisonment by Minos.
Dae·dali·an, Dae·dale·an (d-dl-n, -dlyn) adj.


hy·per·bo·lize (h-pûrb-lz)
v. hy·per·bo·lized, hy·per·bo·liz·ing, hy·per·bo·liz·es
To use hyperbole; exaggerate.


pur·lieu (pûrly, pûrl)
1. An outlying or neighboring area.
2. purlieus Outskirts; the environs.
3. A place that one frequents.

We, your mirror and a flash of kindness-September 1992 –Adjusted January 2013



We, your mirror and a flash of kindness

Omitting love, kindness and patience from our lives, we are empty barks.
That sees without eyes, walks without feet, hears without ears, feels without a soul and appreciates
but ones pampered ego.

How much does it cost to make another feel welcome with an unexpected call, if only for a few
seconds. Greet them with a genuine smile, a warm Hello?

Just love, kindness and a flash of patience. And by this gesture comes…

A hint of sunshine.
A warm spot for the day.
Zeal in our step.
Wrinkles brushed off a forehead.
Pride in a demeanor.
Back bent under indifference, straightened.
Monotony of a cluttered day and clattered mind, alleviated…

For him, for her, for us.

Next time we go through such a day, remember…
There is someone with a heart wrinkled by the monotony of daily indifference, waiting for that spot of warmth…

Me, you, our fellow, our shadows…


The impracticality of distance February 1996 readjusted to a prose January 2013

Lido 2012 ©copyright2013owpp

Lido 2012

Those are writings from the 1990’s which I thought I’d never use due to my
lack of experience then, in writing but to my delight and surprise ( I do
surprise even myself! ) I got down to work on Sunday, took the core and changed
it totally using the words that cried out in attention and putting it in a prose
versus the article it was. I was astonished and

pleased at the result which shows, there is always a time for anything we write,
given we have patience and believe anything is possible with a drop of will 🙂

The impracticality of distance

One O’clock
All is silent
Each one
Long gone
In their own
Planet of dreams

My mind floats
To many ports
One of them yours.
I think how
Far away
You too are long gone

In your world
Your vision
Inhabiting one
So strange to me.
Doing those same things
Void of mystery.

Eventful or not
Working, unwinding
So simple, so alive
What life is all about.
And tumultuous.

The ink flows
On my pages
Engraving words
Buried deep
Silence surrounding
This cubicle of thoughts.

Trying to make sense
Of life, of my love
For you.
They are there
Fooling me
Appeasing you

Erasing the,
The impossibility
Of distance.
Secrets of the night,
Leaving the world

Of darkness
Drifting toward
Daylight waking
To sunshine
Bracing a day
With the stamina

Of a professional.
Cold sometimes
Suppressing it,
Wanting to bury
Under covers
Your ingenuity.

To the bare eyes
Yet different.
By the impracticality
Of distance.

Nikko ( Sunshine ) 2010

Nikko ( Sunshine ) 2010 ©copyright2013owpp

Nikko ( Sunshine ) 2010

Nikko ( Sunshine in Japanese ) is faithful to the Jackson Pollock’s style. A splash of sun much needed in our freezing season 🙂