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Holidays have stretched out for technological reasons



Hi everyone! Please forgive my longer absence. I have computer problems which I hope will quickly get resolved. You might remember this photo… I have already used it as I cannot bring my photos into my Media.
Meanwhile one of my closest opened up Instagram for me as an advertising facility for my photography & paintings. All you have to do is go on “search” on Instagram, type LIFE_PAINTINGS to get on it.
If you have a moment to spare I’d greatly appreciate the effort! It is still at its beginning so persevere with me while I’m buildings a solid portfolio…
Thanks again for your patience, all the likes & follows. I am always amazed at the fidelity of my viewers especially in my inactive holiday periods or as now, when trouble arises 🙂

Celebrating my 2019 viewers!!

Wow! I can celebrate my 2019 viewers to be precise.
When I got the blog in September, I never imagined getting to such a number, I am glad the way things are turning out.
The blog is slowly taking shape, it’s much more pleasant now to read and today I’ll be going on improving the poetry sector but I’d be very surprised if I’d be able to keep up, yesterday’s pace, that was a marathon 🙂
I’ll nevertheless try my best, have a lovely day!

Creating a more-pleasant-to-read Blog

Working the blog

Hi everyone!

This morning I decided I’d publish a small French Poem translated in English,
then, go into a total Blog-cleansing-fury all morning ( until this very instant )
correcting all my misprints and editing it properly this time.

I hope this will make it more pleasant for all of our fellow-bloggers to read!

Again and again, a big thank you to all of you out there, for your comments, likes,
and followings! Without viewers this Blog wouldn’t exist.

Have a good week-end.