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100% Natural-ready to use- face moisturizer… Unrefined Shea butter!

Unrefined Shea butter

I used to make complicated or not so complicated face moisturizers that I had looked up on the internet, there are lots of choices, some great but I got discouraged after another
recipe-flop and realized that the butter itself is brilliant in its pure form!
It melts at body temperature and with the dry skin I have it can only be better as a sole ingredient. I tried it in the evening and lo and behold… magic! The skin is smooth and nourished with hardly any work, just an order on amazon or ebay.

I looked up on Wikipedia Shea butter and they say ( I’m sure you already know this but for those who don’t, here’s the information ) it’s extracted from the nut of an African tree called, Vitellaria Paradoxa, it is edible, something I had not known and used in food preparations in Africa ( at least we know we are not applying poison on our skin 🙂 )

If bought unrefined, it keeps its sunscreen properties equal to number 6 ( that was specified on another site ) and they went on with a list of benefits as Anti-inflammatory, used for management of Sinusitis and relief of nasal congestion, joints aches and aches of other parts of the body which was equally new to me.

I use it on my hands too and if I got a burn or infected wound, I found it cured very fast, now I know why 🙂 if you are interested in the recipe for Shea butter face cream I can post it, just let me know.


I bought a kilo of it ( 2 pounds 20 oz. it lasts forever ) put it immediately in the fridge and take out each time a little which I cut with a knife as it hardens once cold, and sterilize a very small glass jar, put a bit inside and after a few hours, being exposed to room temperature it softens and piles up but I can apply it on my face even straight out from the refrigerator as it melts between the fingers.

I hope this tip was useful to you, let me know, feedback is always appreciated, enjoy!

Vitellaria paradoxa

Vitellaria paradoxa

The Biopsy 1988 ( translation and French original text of the Poem ” la Biopsie “

leaving the nest ©copyright2013owpp

leaving the nest

This Poem was inspired by the Biopsy I had to do in 1988 for my sinuses, which was not
a big deal yet was a fearful moment, maybe for the only reason of taking us out of our
routine, who knows?

Enjoy it and let me know. Thanks for your spontaneous reactions to ” The girl with the pearl ”
drawing and Trailer, I really appreciate!

The Biopsy

We leave the nest
Without making our bed
We seize life
Under the rain

Alone, alone
With the fear
Always alone
In ones heart

Isolated in our fear
That generates pain
Isolated in our trial
That generates angst

We reinstate the nest
To take care of our bed
And ” replay ” life
Beaming at us!


La Biopsie

On quitte le nid
Sans faire son lit
On saisit la vie
Sous la pluie

Toute seule, toute seule
Avec la peur
Toujours toute seule
Dans son coeur

Isoler dans sa frayeur
Qui engendre la douleur
Isoler dans son Ă©preuve
Qui engendre la peur

Puis on réintègre son nid
Pour s’occuper de son lit
Et on ” rejoue ” la vie
Qui nous irradit!