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Le marronnier enneigé (The horse chestnut in snow)

This is an addition to the first marronnier which I have not yet managed to update here. This one is now a part of my grand tree collection too.

I guess you can call this a work of gratitude.
Trees make life beautiful, it’s alive, it grows, summer it gives shade, winter shelter from winds & storms, it (sometimes) nourishes, provides wood for all kind of purposes, gives oxygen, lightens our hearts in every aspect, decorates our outdoors, indoors, minds & souls, goes with the cycle of seasons a symbol of rebirth…
This is a reminder that We are lucky to be surrounded by them day in day out!

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The sun tree… my latest addition to the Zen tree collection.

28.7.2015The sun tree of the tree collection-1-

Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your holidays.

This is my latest work inspired by Van Gogh’s.
It’s a heavy painting with extreme relief work produced by a extra heavy gel medium I’ve discovered lately & really enjoy working with!

Best wishes for a warm & restful 2nd half of August 🙂

P.s I would like to give a big thank you to for helping me out with signing my works, something I wished to do for quite a while but every information I got from good willing followers led me to a standstill.
There was an amazing feeling of elation, gratification & the urge to shout Eureka to all those around me 🙂

This is the continuation of an abstract collection called “the Zen tree collection”

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28.7.2015The sun tree of the tree collection (8)-1-

28.7.2015The sun tree of the tree collection (4) (1)-1-

28.7.2015The sun tree of the tree collection (3)-1-