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Jackson Pollok Documentary

So, this is the video I had promised to post, they call it a documentary, so be it. ( A few years back I had found the biography on you tube )
It is long but whoever is a fan of his, will enjoy every extra detail he/she can get. You can always skip the bits you don’t have time to see, but personally, I’m going to take a time in the evening, when all is quiet and peaceful, and sink into this surreal dimension!
Let me know how it went for you.

Shooting stars 2010

Shooting stars 2010 ©copyright2013owpp

Shooting stars 2010

Jackson Pollok was a major influence in my first steps into the world of Art. I was fascinated by his Technic, his philosophy, in short his personality … The aura that exuded through his ways of working and being. For whoever is a fan, I’ll post a video with a short biography, I hope you will enjoy it! 🙂