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Apple cake/ Multi-User dough/ quick & easy/ 100% natural recipe ( Now, in wholemeal Spelt flour too!! )

Wholemeal... ©copyright2013owpp


Hi everyone!

On this beautiful Sunday morning I would like to give you a very easy apple cake recipe with a dough that could be used for anything your imagination fancies, from sugarless jam layers, to chocolate ( carob powder for the cocoa sensitive ) or plain lemon, vanilla, rum, coffee, orange, almonds, from real or essence flavors, raisins, or raisins and dried fruits as Mango with pineapple and cranberry if you like, which will make it into a English fruit cake! Just use your creative side and innovate! Have fun while exploring, it’s the best way to have good results!

For the Gluten sensitive, there are countries where you can find specific flowers for that purpose, inquire at your local nature shop.

Enjoy and let me know!

White version ©copyright2013owpp

White version



Sugarless apple cake


Dough ingredients


1.   2 1/2 cup white Spelt flour ( Same rule as before, same cup throughout. Any flower you wish if your habits and availabilities are different )

2.   1 pinch of salt ( Best from a nature shop but not indispensable )

3.   2 tsp ( Dessert spoon ) Baking powder

4.   1 pinch Baking soda

5.   1/2 cup oil ( As I mentioned before, I use extra virgin olive oil and the taste goes away in the baking or cooking but, anything is good )

6.   1 cup of rice syrup ( Honey, Golden syrup or any natural sweetener )

7.   1 cup of Soda water or sparkling water if you want.





Mix thoroughly by hand too before pouring the dough unto the apples, the ingredients are likely to stick at the bottom.

I’m giving you all these minor details as they tend to be annoying to have to discover on the spot 🙂

8.   Peel 4-5 very big apples or 6-7 regular, cut in regular slices.

Take a  baking tin ( I happened to have a 5 cm =2 inches deep, 23 cm = 9.05 inches wide and 32 cm = 12.59 long, and fitted perfectly ) but anything will do, don’t be afraid to experiment, even if it’s not perfect at the first try, what a sense of victory when it comes out just right!

Put a baking paper sheet in it, fill with your apples to the near top, slide in the oven on 150 degrees Celsius = 302 degrees Fahrenheit, for one hour to one and a quarter. I nevertheless enjoy ” checking ” on it, you need the apples to be thoroughly baked.

Serve it warm or cold, they’ll bless you for it! 🙂

...and wholemeal ©copyright2013owpp

…and wholemeal

P.S I have made for the photos, one batch in the usual white Spelt flour and the other I tried for the first time to do it with Spelt wholemeal flour. It is delicious but doesn’t look as nice to the eye ( being brown ) This cake keeps very well in the fridge, but from experience, it seldom stays that long!

Let me know what is your opinion about the wholemeal version 🙂

Château dans la brûme 2008 ( Castle in the mist )

Château dans la brûme 2008 ©copyright2013owpp

Château dans la brûme 2008

In my beginnings, I wanted to experiment every way of drawing, painting, techniques tools and materials. ( I was very curious and adventurous ) There is such an array , I don’t think I’ll ever get through the collection , but that is the reason for the heterogeneity of my paintings and drawings and the different approaches and expressions in my art.
This was drawn in Pastel crayons.
I love its consistency, and the effect it has as a whole.
But I somehow ended up working recently exclusively with acrylic.
My next ” dare ” is to venture into the ” hazards ” of oil painting. I know it is far less simple than acrylic, the fumes, the cleaning up after with white spirit which is so toxic… If you have any suggestions about how to use oil paint in a ecological way, I’m open to new ideas.
Let me know what you think about Pastel.
Have a good day!