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Sometimes, life stands still – 1992

The path of life ©copyright2013owpp

The path of life

Sometimes, life stands still

The day seems to stretch into eternity. So many to be or not to be…
We take each step, moment or second at a time, as it is thrown at us and worry about it only when it stares into our faces.
We plead for our closest to be safe from harm and whatever is hurled at them, should be the pleasantest.
Laughter be their empire, their course an easy process, their thoughts light and fluffy. That they should feel the love and wisdom of departed ones accompany them on their tack, their approach. Go till the end of their mission, the goals they set for themselves without interference of any kind.
We put our lives in the hands and heart of the universe ( or at least as much as we can accept to ) and trust even better, is on the horizon, ours to acquire, for being leased with the bounty of expression.
The allurement of nascence, the inception of our provenance…


The pit. Sep. 2012 ( Oa essay )



Life is a journey…
The way for some, is long and arduous but the reward is so gratifying!

In Oa we are like newborns having to learn the first steps of good habits in order to delight in
the ” normal ” life others might take for granted.

I hope you enjoy this essay!

The pit

It happened to me so fast. I was taken by surprise once again.

I am amazed at my gift of falling down the trap so many times and always reacting with the innocence and naivete of a newborn.

How many more of these tribulations do I need until I experience the Nirvana, the bliss of long-term abstinence?

Time and again, I had read about not letting ourselves go Hungry-Angry-Lonely-tired? Those are our red lights. Our warning signs. Yet, that’s exactly what I did, at the beginning of school year in September.

Having to wake up at 6 Am was a major adjustment after two months “holidays “.

It got me extremely tired and by the third day, there was no reasoning going on in my mind. I could not think rationally, give myself advice or take adequate measures.

I found myself as a sleep walker, going to the fridge, stretching out for some food, recollecting vaguely a distant short debate occurring in my numbed mind… “the” voice answering back about not having the energy to fight the urge.

There was no physical strength in me therefore no emotional one either to rationalize. The urge was so big, it just took over. It felt like the invasion of a tsunami. There was no way I was going to find a breach to squeeze myself in to make “it” see sense.

A huge force which I knew from the start who would be the victor.

I let it happen. Did not even feel the “ I ” letting it. I was void emotionally yet it was the “ I “ that wanted to have it, how does one explain that?

The only explanation I can come up with now is, that’s why it’s called “ the pit “ . We hit rock bottom and don’t have the natural resources to behave in a disciplined way. Thinking straight is the last thing possible. Hence, the warnings of H-A-L-T .

Then came the “ revelation “…

Suddenly it all made sense…

All I had to do in the future is, prevention rather than cure. When feeling those “ symptoms “ , look after it in order to prevent the chaos of its destruction once in motion.

It is that simple!

Yet again, not always easy. We tend to forget how dangerous some zones can be, and find ourselves repeating the same mistakes.
I can’t deny the fact that I have learned every time something new, but I wonder what makes me different from other O.A members who grasp at abstinence from the word go and don’t let go of it, aware of its priceless gift.

They take the highway where as I…

I browse, I feel, I hurt, I grunt, I marvel…

I learn.

I learn the hard way. I forget, then, a miracles happen.

I open my file of essays and fall on one article which becomes a new message to me all over again. I open the book “ A new beginning “ and feel it speaking directly to my soul. A million different occurrences which I call miracles.

I imagine it’s my higher power’s way of reminding me, he is there to assist me. To protect and embrace me in his powerful love.

But it is not all about me.

If anyone of you out there reading this article can identify with it, it would make it worthwhile.
If it helps anyone in the slightest way well, maybe, just maybe, taking the long way was not a bad
idea after all.

Monde sublime 1987 ( French Poem with English translation ” Sublime world ” )

sublime world ©copyright2013owpp

sublime world

Hi everyone!
These poems were written so long ago ( at the beginning of my ” poet career ” if I can call it so 🙂 )
that I had to recompose them but left the basic which was very good.
I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Monde sublime

Au clair de lune
Lune en pleine vie
Je prends ma plûme
L’envie me saisit

Au clair de lune
Lune qui sourit
J’exerce ma plûme
La folie me rejouit

Sur papier blanchi
Je compose avec frénésie
Une lettre pour mes amies
La terre, l’univers rétrécit

Les mots jaillissent
Dansent et tissent
Une toile d’amour
Envoyer sans retour

Les mots fleurissent
entonnent et rugissent
L’élégance de ce monde
L’amitié qui gronde

Vertu négliger
réapprendre à respirer
Temps de regarder
Apprecier l’humanité

Penser ami
Savourer la vie
Demain, aujourd’hui
L’instant qui suit

Sur ces mots je signe
La fin de cette ligne
Ma feuille de vigne
De monde sublime


Sublime world

By moonlight
moon full of life
I take my quill
Yen seizes me

By moonlight
Moon that smiles
I exert my quill
Madness rejoices me

On bleached paper
I compose frenetically
A letter for my friends
Earth and shrunken universe

Words spring
Dance and weave
A web of love
Sent with no-return

Words bloom
Sing and roar
The elegance of this world
Friendship rumbling

Virtue neglected
Learn to breathe ( again )
Time to see
Appreciate humanity

Think friend
Savor life
Tomorrow, today
Moments that follow

On these words I sign
At the end of this line
My vine leaf
With ( world ) sublime!