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Facade versus culture influences

Architecture at its best! ©copyright2014owpp

Architecture at its best!

A photo I dug up from my files which to me is the definition of architecture at its best.

Each country differentiates itself by their food, art and architecture, this is the facade

of a house in the suburbs of Sint-Moritz.




Preternatural lake



Just quickly posting an old picture dug out from our hard drive, taken in a time when Photoshop was still unknown to us so, the magical color you see of this high-altitude lake in the region of St-Moritz is real.
Passing with the train we were mesmerized by the difference in a regular lake and this one…
It had a lunar quality that we had never seen before.

I hope this shot captured its glow and the pull it had on us, endowing it on to you…

Best wishes for a wonderful summer!

The image of truth 2005 English poem ( with French original text )

the image of truth ©copyright2013owpp

the image of truth

This poem was written in a time I was extremely tired of the mind and body and thought it had shown on my face but when, I looked in a mirror I had accidentally come across, I saw this very fresh face looking at me!

Let me know what you think 🙂

The image of truth

A fatigued mind
Reflects in the mirror
A mind of peace
And serenity

The exterior can be
So misleading!

So, the whole world
Walks around with, a
Bleeding heart
Without letting it

Am I not the
Only one?

Poor consolation!

Time passes and I pray
That one day
My peaceful mind
Reflects in the mirror

The image of truth


L’image de la vérité

L’esprit en fatigue

Reflète dans le miroir
Une image de paix
Et sérénité

L’écorce peut être
Si trompeur !

Alors, le monde entier
Se promène avec, le
Cœur qui saigne
Sans rien laisser
Paraître ?

Ne suis-je pas
La seule ?

Piètre consolation !

Le temps passe et je prie
Pour qu’un jour
L’esprit en paix
Reflète dans le miroir

L’image de la vérité

Monde sublime 1987 ( French Poem with English translation ” Sublime world ” )

sublime world ©copyright2013owpp

sublime world

Hi everyone!
These poems were written so long ago ( at the beginning of my ” poet career ” if I can call it so 🙂 )
that I had to recompose them but left the basic which was very good.
I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Monde sublime

Au clair de lune
Lune en pleine vie
Je prends ma plûme
L’envie me saisit

Au clair de lune
Lune qui sourit
J’exerce ma plûme
La folie me rejouit

Sur papier blanchi
Je compose avec frénésie
Une lettre pour mes amies
La terre, l’univers rétrécit

Les mots jaillissent
Dansent et tissent
Une toile d’amour
Envoyer sans retour

Les mots fleurissent
entonnent et rugissent
L’élégance de ce monde
L’amitié qui gronde

Vertu négliger
réapprendre à respirer
Temps de regarder
Apprecier l’humanité

Penser ami
Savourer la vie
Demain, aujourd’hui
L’instant qui suit

Sur ces mots je signe
La fin de cette ligne
Ma feuille de vigne
De monde sublime


Sublime world

By moonlight
moon full of life
I take my quill
Yen seizes me

By moonlight
Moon that smiles
I exert my quill
Madness rejoices me

On bleached paper
I compose frenetically
A letter for my friends
Earth and shrunken universe

Words spring
Dance and weave
A web of love
Sent with no-return

Words bloom
Sing and roar
The elegance of this world
Friendship rumbling

Virtue neglected
Learn to breathe ( again )
Time to see
Appreciate humanity

Think friend
Savor life
Tomorrow, today
Moments that follow

On these words I sign
At the end of this line
My vine leaf
With ( world ) sublime!

New photos inserted in poem of St.Moritz post!


Hi everyone!


I finally managed to insert the photos, I was longing to put in the poem

Of St.Moritz, to show you all, the magnificence of this unique place.

I believe, words and photos are complementary. Photos give justice 

to words and vice versa.

But one cannot go without the other, at least it did, until I got the photos 🙂

Let me know what you think, does it make that big difference I’m talking

about? Do you think the place is unique or have you seen a twin town 

somewhere else?


P.S For the English version search on ” will words ever do justice? ”

For the French one ( there are different pictures there too ) search on ” St.Moritz “