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Nikko ( Sunshine ) 2010

Nikko ( Sunshine ) 2010 ©copyright2013owpp

Nikko ( Sunshine ) 2010

Nikko ( Sunshine in Japanese ) is faithful to the Jackson Pollock’s style. A splash of sun much needed in our freezing season 🙂


Explosion 2010

Explosion 2010 ©copyright2013owpp

Explosion 2010

Explosion is faithful to its name and to the Jackson Pollock style. It’s an explosion of light and colors.
I hope you enjoy it in these dark winter days 🙂

The eye of the jungle 2011

The eye of the jungle 2011 ©copyright2013owpp

The eye of the jungle 2011

Sorry about the quality of this photo, it’s a bit hazy but it’s sometimes difficult to get it right.
As usual, I let my brush guide me and unravel the story that was intended. It’s a way of relaxing as
as well as another.
I am always amazed of the possibilities, if I only remember, every time I pick up the brush,
to let go before I start and not want to control the space and time I’m in.
If I do so, something wonderful always happens as a result.
I hope you like it 🙂

Chocolate Storm & Collision of musical notes ( Desert storm or Chocolate splash? ) 2009

Desert storm 2009 ©copyright2013owpp

Desert storm 2009

Today I felt in a playful mood and wanted to put you up to a challenge.
Do you want to be the ones to decide for the name of this painting? My idea was Desert storm but today I thought maybe something lighter would make it more fun, so I’m leaving it in your hands, I’ll go according to the most votes on the name chosen and correct it.
Fair enough?