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Mother/newborn finished!


Finally polished the last details of this painting belonging to the mother/newborn collection I am busy with.

A realistic painting I sketched in 2012 and picked back up in 2015.
The energy between mother and newborn was a priority (as a big admirer of Johannes Vermeer) the display of light and shadow too,
a major role in the atmosphere in my opinion.
Abstracts are amazing projects but I thoroughly enjoy working at detailed ones too.
The lioness is one of them, scroll all the way down to the first post to see.
Mastering many different techniques is a very enriching experience.
It contributes vastly to the quality of abstract works too…





Sun soaked bushes for the pleasure of the eye

Light & shadow ©copyright2014owpp

Light & shadow

The sun has lost itself among the bushes
Brushed against the branches leaving a
Trail of light on its way…

Caressing branches with light ©copyright2014owpp

Caressing branches with light

Close-up sun :) ©copyright2014owpp

Close-up sun 🙂