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Celebrating my 2019 viewers!!

Wow! I can celebrate my 2019 viewers to be precise.
When I got the blog in September, I never imagined getting to such a number, I am glad the way things are turning out.
The blog is slowly taking shape, it’s much more pleasant now to read and today I’ll be going on improving the poetry sector but I’d be very surprised if I’d be able to keep up, yesterday’s pace, that was a marathon ­čÖé
I’ll nevertheless try my best, have a lovely day!


Delicate summer 2011

Delicate summer 2011 ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Delicate summer 2011

A painting is a spontaneous reflection, an instant, of ones mood.
I let the brush guide my hand and the outcome to just be…
That is when I get the best results, most fun and satisfaction.
What do you think? what is your experience while painting?

Celebrating my new and organized Blog!!

Improvement, team work

Hi fellow readers,

I finally can shout out loud, my blog is nearly flawless, I say carefully nearly…Because there is no such thing as perfection, there will continually be room for improvement, but considering… it has come a long way.

There is an ” About ” and it has all been categorized, so it is much easier to pick the subject of your choosing.
I have to admit that with my computer skills I would have never been able to obtain those results ( or it might have taken much longer and many crises) and have eternal gratitude toward the patience my family excelled at during these ” trying ” times ­čÖé

P.S Does anyone have a clue of how to put a ” personal link ” on a Gravatar profile? ( Yes, it’s non ending! ­čÖé )

Have a joyful day!