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Paul Stamets : Mushrooms to save the world (des champignons pour sauver le monde)

This is fascinating & very hopeful information for the world’s future on a TED show. An ecological solution to our pollution but it’s far more than that. The eleven minutes of your time is well worth it!
I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

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If there’s anything you read – or share – let this be it. The content of this article has potential to radically shift the world in a variety of positive ways.

And as Monsanto would love for this article to not go viral, all we can ask is that you share, share, share the information being presented so that it can reach as many people as possible.

In 2006, a patent was granted to a man named Paul Stamets. Though Paul is the world’s leading mycologist, his patent has received very little attention and exposure. Why is that? Stated by executives in the pesticide industry, this patent represents “the most disruptive technology we have ever witnessed.” And when the executives say disruptive, they are referring to it being disruptive to the chemical pesticides industry.

What has Paul discovered? The mycologist has figured out how to use mother nature’s own creations to keep insects from destroying crops. It’s what is being called SMART pesticides. These pesticides provide safe & nearly permanent solution for controlling over 200,000 species of insects – and all thanks to the ‘magic’ of mushrooms.

Paul does this by taking entomopathogenic Fungi (fungi that destroys insects) and morphs it so it does not produce spores. In turn, this actually attracts the insects who then eat and turn into fungi from the inside out!

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Uploaded on 16 Jan 2011
Le mycologue Paul Stamets dresse la liste des 6 moyens de sauver le monde avec le mycélium des champignons :

– Restauration des sols et de l’humus

– Fertilisation des plantes potagères

– DĂ©pollution, bien plus efficace que les traitements actuels, bactĂ©ries ou enzymes

– Pesticide naturel, ne dĂ©grade pas l’Ă©quilibre de l’Ă©cosystème

– MĂ©decine : antibiotique naturel. Et aussi protection virale contre par exemple : la variole, le H5N1, la grippe… avec des rĂ©sultats très spectaculaires en comparaison des mĂ©thode chimiques “classiques”.

– Énergie : le mycète T.reesei transforme la cellulose en sucres permettant la production du carburant “econol”. C’est de l’Ă©thanol produit Ă  partir par ex. de dĂ©chets agricoles ou mĂ©nager.

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