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The science of miracle by Gregg Braden

This video is something I appreciated much later and many years after having absorbed the learning’s of Bruce Lipton, so I hope I’m not ” frying ” your brains ­čÖé and putting you off lectures!
It needs concentrating on, so take a relaxed time to give it undivided attention, once you’ve put your mind to it, you will not see the time go by, promise.
And if you don’t enjoy that style ( it’s a matter of opinion and we’re all different ­čÖé ) you will find a few things he says to be a true revelation.


The Biology of belief by the Biologist Bruce Lipton

Here is one Lecture I found fascinating, the other one was, ” The Biology of perception ” which is fascinating too!
Enjoy! ­čÖé

Graffiti 2009

Graffiti 2009 ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Graffiti 2009

Hi everyone!
This painting was a whole load of fun and I was quite pleased with its effect, It’s in acrylic paint
What do you think?