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My tomatoes are out!

My jewel! ©copyright2014owpp

My jewel!

I have seven tomato plants in my balcony this year & finally have results! The tomatoes I thought would never come out, did just that!
Years of experience & mishaps have made this possible. My first plant was grown indoors & took nine months to give one tomato… you can check the link here
This time round I was wiser & knew I had to look out for our “friends” the green flies which I have been doing & removing nearly every day.
I was so crazy over the sight of these beauties that I took close ups of each tomato in order to be able to share our hard earned miracles with all of you!
Posted bellow are the photos from beginning to end.
I hope you’ll enjoy the process 🙂


In my last photo you can see my only surviving squash out of many shoots, my onions that had been forgotten & had germinated in the kitchen (!) carrots that I tried to grow from carrot tops (YouTube advice) but that just died 😦 a few green pepper plants & on the extreme left a plant that people wanted to throw out that I rescued…

How it all started... a small plastic box! ©copyright2014owpp

How it all started… a small plastic box!

Growing in the kitchen in October! ©copyright2014owpp

Growing in the kitchen in October!

A lot of care... ©copyright2014owpp

A lot of care…

And... voila! ©copyright2014owpp

And… voila!

After many flowers & beyond my wildest imagination! ©copyright2014owpp

After many flowers & beyond my wildest imagination!

Isn't this quite a sight!? ©copyright2014owpp

Isn’t this quite a sight!?

So very proud ;) ©copyright2014owpp

So very proud 😉

And of my "garden" ©copyright2014owpp

And of my “garden”


I am inaugurating my new Gardening category with my pepper success story!

MY paprika! ©copyright2014owpp

MY paprika!

Today I had a huge surprise in store…
I went to water the pepper plant I grew from a seed and saw a tiny all organic pepper growing! (the photo makes it look bigger ;))
I had taken the seed from a fresh pepper.
Well, we all got so excited I quickly took photos and planned to post it but then realized I was having more posts on gardening without having a category for it so, I got down to work. (I tend to forget from one category to another how to show it on my Menu…I still don’t know how I succeeded today that’s how good I’m at technology ;))
I went on You tube and tried a few videos that didn’t help (go figure!) then managed it on my own.
There’s a lot of patience involved in the blogging field!
The first shoots came out around October 2013 it produced a lot of flowers which I thought would come to fruition but didn’t… and just when I had given up on gardening for “real” it popped out!
With such a boost I decided it was high time to take my passion and hobby a step further.
I then placed my other “planting experiences” on the new category.
Forgive my inexperience as I’m a complete novice at serious gardening.
Last October I took any seed I had in the kitchen, put it in a plastic box on a wet tissue and waited…
A lot of mishaps have made me a lot smarter.
I hope you’ll enjoy this journey as much as I do!
I’m including bellow the photos of our pepper’s growth process 🙂

Tiny shoots! ©copyright2014owpp

Tiny shoots!

First flowers popping... ©copyright2014owpp

First flowers popping…

Without much result... ©copyright2014owpp

Without much result…

Then, oh happy miracle! ©copyright2014owpp

Then, oh happy miracle!

And another! ©copyright2014owpp

And another!

Our fruitful small plant ©copyright2014owpp

Our fruitful small plant