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Through noise do we decipher silence

Reading silence ©copyright2014owpp

Reading silence

Through noise do we read silence & through gaps do we decipher noise
As from the pulsating beat of a song
The distant train whizzing through time
Lightning slicing through thunderous
Clouds amidst rumbling nature
The woodpecker’s frenzy
One wave to another
Echoes of footsteps
Stillness crackles as dry wood in a camp fire spitting sparks in irregular
Heartbeats bridging the gaps & the noise in a harmonious breathing exercise.


Byron Katie Oprah Soul Series Interview part 1 of 3 (all three posted here)

Having been lately down the weather from not exactly the most positive news I looked up for a moral boost on You Tube from one of my favorites… Byron Katie and found this most profound, simple and enlightening short series with Oprah I couldn’t resist posting in order to share her life wisdom with all of you.

According to her philosophy life can be simple and as crystal clear as spring water if only we guide our thoughts accordingly. Let me know if it lifted your spirits as much as it did mine.
Have a lovely weekend!

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Byron Katie Oprah Soul Series Interview part 2 of 3

Byron Katie Oprah Soul Series Interview part 3 of 3

Published on Jun 17, 2013
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The image of truth 2005 English poem ( with French original text )

the image of truth ©copyright2013owpp

the image of truth

This poem was written in a time I was extremely tired of the mind and body and thought it had shown on my face but when, I looked in a mirror I had accidentally come across, I saw this very fresh face looking at me!

Let me know what you think 🙂

The image of truth

A fatigued mind
Reflects in the mirror
A mind of peace
And serenity

The exterior can be
So misleading!

So, the whole world
Walks around with, a
Bleeding heart
Without letting it

Am I not the
Only one?

Poor consolation!

Time passes and I pray
That one day
My peaceful mind
Reflects in the mirror

The image of truth


L’image de la vérité

L’esprit en fatigue

Reflète dans le miroir
Une image de paix
Et sérénité

L’écorce peut être
Si trompeur !

Alors, le monde entier
Se promène avec, le
Cœur qui saigne
Sans rien laisser
Paraître ?

Ne suis-je pas
La seule ?

Piètre consolation !

Le temps passe et je prie
Pour qu’un jour
L’esprit en paix
Reflète dans le miroir

L’image de la vérité