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The cove 2012

The cove 2012 ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

The cove 2012

As it happens many times, the cove was a result of coincidence.
I had nothing specific in mind besides the creation of an abstract
work, somehow the moment I thought the painting was beyond salvation,

slowly emerged from the dust the realization of something that must
have been deeply buried in my sub-conscious.

As I finished the last touch, I vaguely recalled years back, having
quickly leafed through some photos in National Geographic mentioning
the Cove but I was
at the time so very busy I could not really focus much on it and lost
track of any information soon after.

I have no inkling why I spontaneously called it as I did, it just happened.
It seems the mind stores much more information than we are aware of.