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Mother/newborn finished!


Finally polished the last details of this painting belonging to the mother/newborn collection I am busy with.

A realistic painting I sketched in 2012 and picked back up in 2015.
The energy between mother and newborn was a priority (as a big admirer of Johannes Vermeer) the display of light and shadow too,
a major role in the atmosphere in my opinion.
Abstracts are amazing projects but I thoroughly enjoy working at detailed ones too.
The lioness is one of them, scroll all the way down to the first post to see.
Mastering many different techniques is a very enriching experience.
It contributes vastly to the quality of abstract works too…






Wrist trouble & The motherhood collection

Mother-newborn moment 19.10. 2015  working further details with oil paint-1-

This is a work belonging to the motherhood collection (in oil painting as a first!) I have been busy with for a while. I wanted desperately to get back to painting but hurt my wrist yesterday. Being the receiver of various successful homeopathy treatments for the past twenty five years I had in my first aid kit Arnica 200k and took it not really expecting immediate results and to my surprise ten minutes went by with an easing of the pain.
Today I left the stiff bandage on and was glad to find I could use my hand carefully nevertheless managing to tuck in a few hours of work!

Do not take my medical advice, I am not a doctor, just wanted to share this surprising outcome.
Wishing all my followers a very good week continuation 🙂

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