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My first fireworks photography experience

On angel's wings... ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

On angel’s wings…

A while back I said I was going to post my very first firework experience in photography but was so busy after New year restoring my blog that it took me a while…
It needed about a hundred and fifty shots to capture these sixteen. I was astonished at the art shapes emerging from some of them & felt like sharing… curious of your opinion ­čÖé

And there it goes... ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

And there it goes…

Explosion ┬ęcopyright2014owpp


Champagne... ┬ęcopyright2014owpp


Firework art ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

Firework art

A thousand sparks ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

A thousand sparks

Light display ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

Light display

Minimalism ┬ęcopyright2014owpp


Meeting halfway ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

Meeting halfway

Writing in the skies ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

Writing in the skies

UFO?  :) ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

UFO? ­čÖé

Raining stars ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

Raining stars

The wishing star ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

The wishing star

Stars in the night... ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

Stars in the night…

Galaxy collision ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

Galaxy collision

And...New year's classical! ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

And…New year’s classical!


St. Moritz-Will words, this time, do justice? ( poem in French in post above with here its English translation ) 2011

Oh! St. Moritz!

Oh! St. Moritz!



St. Moritz covered in white

St. Moritz covered in white

Hi everyone!

This poem took me eleven years to pluck up some semblance of courage and write.
Back then, I had the one and only opportunity to go up the mountains,
in the winter season and witness the marvels of nature in all its glory.
The experience never repeated itself, but the magic of the scenery stayed
engraved and kept coming back in flashes, I wanted to express it in poetry
but was afraid to spoil the grandeur of it all so, I kept waiting for THE
moment… I trusted and knew it would come. I’ll leave you to be the judge
of it…
I’ll first give you the translation and then put its original after, just for
the sake of not repeating over and over the same order ­čÖé There goes…

St. Moritz

When I took a stroll in your frozen lanes

Oh St. Moritz!

The sun shone on the freshly fallen flakes
Underlining its intact and pure form
All white and blinding, crunching under the impact
Of my footsteps and I exclaimed

Oh St. Moritz!

The trees bowed down majestically
Under the weight of this downy substance
Impassive to the magic of it’s environment
Witness of a lake streaming and freezing
Submissive at the fall of a shivery night

And I prayed, Oh St. Moritz!

During a month I inhabited your forest
Inviting me during hours, to walk
My companions were, silence and enchantment
for this plenitude from the wind
Blowing, blowing, through the trees, through the peaks

And my soul murmured, Oh St. Moritz!

Some, have trampled on you, others scorned,
Unconscious of the privilege granted, to this society
Blas├ę, escaping a too much of everything,
Yet, finding back these incessant noises
This tumult, its laws and taboos

By you Oh St. Moritz!

I, have cajoled you, dreamed and rocked you
Buried in the depths of my heart throughout these years
Hoping to marry the whole to a reality
To hear you whisper in my ears
Or roar while revealing your wonders

And I cried, Oh St. Moritz.

I hope you enjoyed it!