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I didn’t give up and searched forever until I found this video that was not with a copyright on it and with Ray Mears at his best again.
I have seen many documentaries but he’s one among the best!
Enjoy it ­čÖé

Summer blue & fish in pond

July's exceptional sky ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

July’s exceptional sky

Under the deep blue sky
The fish in the pond thrive

Running after... ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Running after…

Confused? ┬ęcopyright2013owpp


And one last glance above... ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

And one last glance above…


Grace, beauty & raw power…

Raw power ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Raw power

A few years ago
On my birthday
Was offered to
Me,the privilege
To watch, for the
First time in my
Life a polo
Game that we
Accidentally fell

Upon on a day’s
Out at the beach.
Horses and dolphins
Being my favorites,
I could not resist
The urge to capture
Their grace and beauty
All encapsulated in one
Mass of raw power…

Having said that, I prefer
Seeing them in their natural
Habitat ­čÖé

Unusual polo game ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Unusual polo game

My rare tulip!

Rare green surprise ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Rare green surprise

What I love most
About tulip bulbs,
Is the surprise
In stock…

Some come out
Flashy round,
Ordinary and

Others take you
Completely by
Pointy, green

And ornamented
With pink, frilly
Edges, giving it
A rare crispy

Ethereal quality!

Peeping out in May... ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Peeping out in May…

Close up ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Close up

Nature in its full glory



Your branches heavily
In bloom swing in
The breeze with the
Weightlessness of a
Feather embalming
The air with the
Softness of spring





Name: Cherry blossom tree
(Disambiguation) Originally
imported from Japan. In
Japanese Sakura.

Yellow in December



Deep in December
A stroke of yellow
To remember

Snow in bloom ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Snow in bloom