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Preternatural lake



Just quickly posting an old picture dug out from our hard drive, taken in a time when Photoshop was still unknown to us so, the magical color you see of this high-altitude lake in the region of St-Moritz is real.
Passing with the train we were mesmerized by the difference in a regular lake and this one…
It had a lunar quality that we had never seen before.

I hope this shot captured its glow and the pull it had on us, endowing it on to you…

Best wishes for a wonderful summer!


My first fireworks photography experience

On angel's wings... ©copyright2014owpp

On angel’s wings…

A while back I said I was going to post my very first firework experience in photography but was so busy after New year restoring my blog that it took me a while…
It needed about a hundred and fifty shots to capture these sixteen. I was astonished at the art shapes emerging from some of them & felt like sharing… curious of your opinion 🙂

And there it goes... ©copyright2014owpp

And there it goes…

Explosion ©copyright2014owpp


Champagne... ©copyright2014owpp


Firework art ©copyright2014owpp

Firework art

A thousand sparks ©copyright2014owpp

A thousand sparks

Light display ©copyright2014owpp

Light display

Minimalism ©copyright2014owpp


Meeting halfway ©copyright2014owpp

Meeting halfway

Writing in the skies ©copyright2014owpp

Writing in the skies

UFO?  :) ©copyright2014owpp

UFO? 🙂

Raining stars ©copyright2014owpp

Raining stars

The wishing star ©copyright2014owpp

The wishing star

Stars in the night... ©copyright2014owpp

Stars in the night…

Galaxy collision ©copyright2014owpp

Galaxy collision

And...New year's classical! ©copyright2014owpp

And…New year’s classical!

If time counted no more

If time counted no more... ©copyright2013owpp

If time counted no more…

If time counted no more I would start afresh
Question my hard earned complacency
Run away from concreted indifference

Live horizons to starry nights
Listen nature’s whisper
Witness day’s promises
Keep company to storms
And rainbows, capture
Forever changing palettes…

Have I misinterpreted wisdom
And blown out the flame
That keeps hope warm
Motivates dawn’s birth
Ignites the sparks
Slaps life out of its torpor?

If time counted no more I would breathe
I would dance I would laugh
As if no tomorrow, no today mattered


The lonesome traveler & the lizard

His companion of the moment... ©copyright2013owpp

His companion of the moment…

He sat very still… as still as the lizard on its
Branch melting in the landscape, adopting the tones
Of the scorched earth surrounding him.
Lost in a desert of thoughts, his emotions adrift…
He wished he could stay in that same position forever.
Lose all notion of his past, future, live as motionless
And inert as his companion of the moment.