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Is it only up to us?



We are constantly being told that suffering is an essential component to self-growth, I beg to differ. I’d rather see suffering as optional.
Bingeing which used to be a source of grief, uncertainty & tremendous despair is today, to my latest discovery, part of a project, the germination of… a bit like a disheveled, disconnected & chaotic building-site that takes a turn for the better three quarters of the way, revealing the beauty of careful planning, the scrutiny of detail, the hard earned result of love… perfection & poetry in curves & colors.
Even though I’d rather sail on a pink cloud throughout I envision my “phase” as part of a scheme… a fraction of the perfection about to be.
What we can be sure about is that challenges are transitory & if we realize it is to take us to where the sun shines we might worry less on the way.
Trying to understand the bigger picture has loosened the knots & brought peace when least expected.
Bryant H. McGill says, “Abundance is a process of letting go. That which is empty can receive”.
Letting go of my food for me is the answer to inviting after many years of struggle, abundance & quality in my life.
The question is, when/will it happen & is it only up to me?
That remains to be seen…

Question marks & exclamation points 2011

Question marks & exclamation points 2011 ©copyright2013owpp

Question marks & exclamation points 2011

Everyone has question marks in their life, we ponder, get frustrated when answers don’t come up spontaneously, then, exclamation points follow as a result of all that irritation.
I wanted to get that message through by this painting. I got some screws in the shapes of my subject of interest and got to work…
Now, here comes the ” quiz “…
Can you find on this painting, all the question marks & exclamation points?
Give me a sign when you do 🙂