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Le grande bleu / The big blue short video

This is the only video I could find which is good but not the entire film.It was very popular at the time. The only thing I would have changed, is its ending which is quite tragic. It is very poetic, artistic and mostly directed to lovers of nature.

I quote Wikipedia that gives a summary of the story.

Enzo and Jacques have known each other from their native village, when their passion was diving. One day, the father of Jacques killed while diving. Years later, Jacques tested by scientists, who find that his body when he dives into icy water, like that of a dolphin appears to react. The experiments in the present Johanna (played by Rosanna Arquette ) falls for the mysterious dolphin-man, and follows him to Italy. Enzo ( Jean Reno ), now diving world champion, Jacques challenged to a game, because he knows that this is the only diver in the world who could beat him. In this competition the men exceed the limits of human potential and find Jacques finally home.