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If you feel in need of being inspired watch…Tiny House Build Video5

I found this very inspiring video on a 3 mn of sheer bliss!

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Published on 23 Apr 2015
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☢ Fukushima: Beyond Urgent ☢

I know…we hate bad knew & would rather focus on the positive but we still need information to know what to do as prevention.
I have stopped eating fish since I heard it in the news. I know they don’t know for sure & will not know for a while how damaging it is for us to eat sea food anywhere around the globe. We will only have that knowledge once the damage is done.
I don’t want my family to be a victim so I take my precautions & replace fish with organically earth growing proteins.
We can all contribute & back-up a cleaner safer world so our kids have a better chance to a, as-normally-safe-childhood as we got. We ow them at least that.

As for now, I’d like to help my fellow bloggers by passing the information
so kindly put out on her blog.
Even though it is a long & space consuming video, at the bottom of the writings, the publisher suggests we watch further info which I did and was surprised at the amount of info we are totally unaware of, take a look it’s worth your time and effort.

For more info about the current status of Fukushima and the Pacific Ocean, watch this:
Status of Fukushima & the Pacific Ocean (enhanced edited version)

Published on Oct 29, 2013
Please share/remix this video. And if you do so, please include the information given below. And if you could give a link through to my original, that would be appreciated. Thanks.

*UPDATE* The following are the words of RadChick (Christina Consolo). I respect her opinion, so please add what she says into the equation:

“I do want to mention that the estimation from Tepco that 300 tons of contaminated water are flowing into the Pacific each day is way too low. Anywhere from 1000-4000 tons flow through the site daily, along with 3-400 tons that Tepco is pouring. How does the bulk of that water magically avoid the corium lava-field underground? I don’t think it does. So the worst case, which should ALWAYS be assumed in a radiological accident with wide implications for public health, and in this case contamination of the entire Pacific Ocean, is that 10x more contaminated water than what Tepco states is flowing into the Pacific. Possible as much as 4000 tons, not 300 as indicated in this video or the ‘official story”. Imo. No one else is talking about this MAJOR discrepancy. We need ground penetrating radar to formulate a plan and get a handle on what is happening”

For more info about the current status of Fukushima and the Pacific Ocean, watch this:
Status of Fukushima & the Pacific Ocean (enhanced edited version)