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Fascinating Nature – The Most Spectacular Landscapes in the World

I know, it’s 1 hour 29 mn but… (there always is one :)) for those artists out there wanting to be inspired by fascinating landscape where every second of the movie is another masterpiece… this is your chance to grab and watch ­čÖé
I put my laptop on pause and rapidly sketched 3 landscapes of Namibia’s desert so as to remember shapes and colors for my future projects.
Here they are. Do you like them?

Namibia 1st sketching ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Namibia 1st sketching

Namibia's desert sketching 2 ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Namibia’s desert sketching 2

Namibia 3rd sketching ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Namibia 3rd sketching

Summer’s magical sunset

sunset in soft pastel  ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

sunset in soft pastel

Summer sunsets
Have inspired me
To send to all
A reminder of
World’s beauty

sunset magic! ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

sunset magic!

Hi everyone!

I am trying hard to keep away from posting but couldn’t resist sharing this last drawing inspired by the long warm days ending off in magical scenery…

Enjoy the next half of this month, it goes quicker than we think ­čÖé