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Moira or felicity? 1985 adjusted on January 2013

this perfect moment ©copyright2013owpp

this perfect moment

Moira or felicity

I muse.
My knotted thoughts
Along the trains
Incessant refrain.

Nestled in my corner
I brood, thinking
Of the fragments
I have left behind…
A stop. Welcomed

We continue.
Passengers get back
To their occupations
Those rails, so smooth

And straight, can be
My destiny
Or fatal reality
But why blemish
Demolish or vitiate

My day.
An abrupt halt
Startles me
From my
Jejune reveries.

Moira or felicity? (1)
Why crush or impair
This perfect moment.
Those innocuous rails

Could be…
Reality with blemish
But I choose

Destiny in its full glory!


Moi•ra (ˈmɔɪ rə)

n., pl. -rai (-rī).
1. (often l.c.) (among the ancient Greeks) a person’s fate or destiny.
a. the goddess of fate among the ancient Greeks.
b. Moirai, the Fates.