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I am not giving up!


Today is a new day and I woke up with the firm decision of not throwing in the towel! There is far too much energy invested in this blog to let it stay the way it is now.

I am lucky to have printed out my posts along the way… I’m going to pull out those files and work through each category one by one and try as much as possible to reinsert the photos. It’s going to be a lengthy process and hope you’ll be patient with me until I’ll finish the task and get back to my regular pace ­čÖé

I cannot thank all of you enough for the massive response of solidarity in my plight. I hadn’t expected it, we live in a generation where time is counted & goes too fast but you were all here trying to help with tips, ideas & information.

You have all my gratitude!

I still have a load to learn… the first thing is to get acquainted with reducing the photo size to save space, it sounds strange & complicated but I’ll get through this one too. Next, I have to eventually create a oawritingspoemspaintings2 as a blogger suggested. I posted too many videos apparently thus shortening my blog space.

A big thank you once again. I hope you’ll bear with me until this is over and done with ­čÖé


Toi, tu es ma soeur 1989 ( French poetry translated in post above as “you are my sister,my friend!” )

po├ęsie de mon coeur... ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

po├ęsie de mon coeur…

Toi, tu es ma soeur !

Po├ęsie de mon coeur
Histoire de bonheur
Tendresse et douceur
Toi, tu es ma soeur.

F├ęe des prairies
Tu enl├Ęves mes soucies
Tout le monde tu ├ęclairci
D’un sourire adouci

Rempli de vertus
Je ne m’en suis aper├žu
Tu as l’oreille tendu
Au petit d├ętail farfelu

Po├ęsie de ma vie
Histoire infinie
Tendresse d’aujourd’hui
Tu es ma soeur, mon amie !