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Chocolate storm & Collision of Musical notes have won!! ( Over the original tittle ” Desert storm ” )



After a waiting period ( just to make sure ) you have chosen the title of the Desert storm painting!
As you were two candidates with two very original ideas, I opted for the two best titles.
I thank you, for so gladly participating and contributing with your time, for this playful contest.
I hope you are happy with the choices.

Chocolate Storm & Collision of musical notes ( Desert storm or Chocolate splash? ) 2009

Desert storm 2009 ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Desert storm 2009

Today I felt in a playful mood and wanted to put you up to a challenge.
Do you want to be the ones to decide for the name of this painting? My idea was Desert storm but today I thought maybe something lighter would make it more fun, so I’m leaving it in your hands, I’ll go according to the most votes on the name chosen and correct it.
Fair enough?