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Finding solace in nature’s protection

Picture perfect! ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

Picture perfect!

This was an unforgettable outing… when life gets too chaotic we are lucky
to have the possibility to run to the hills to seek solace in its protection.
Regardless to past behavior, nature embraces & cradles humanity unconditionally.

As hard as it was to choose the best of this collection, I tried to put myself
into the viewer “shoes” & select the top ones which came to a grand total of
sixteen so, my apologies for the length of this post ­čÖé

We are greeted by the quaint ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

We are greeted by the quaint

The charming & peaceful ... ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

The charming & peaceful …

Lampposts heavy in scent ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

Lampposts heavy in scent

Stones marked by history ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

Stones marked by history

we disregard human distraction ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

we disregard human distraction

To ensconce ourselves into nature ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

To ensconce ourselves into nature

White cabbage butterflies resting... ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

White cabbage butterflies resting…

While humans fly ;) ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

While humans fly ­čśë

... and fly ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

… and fly

We then enter a Walt Disney scary forest :) ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

We then enter a Walt Disney scary forest ­čÖé

Find a picturesque bridge ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

Find a picturesque bridge

And get closer to admire... ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

And get closer to admire…

Get back to civilization ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

Get back to civilization

Yet still welcomed by nature's ornaments ┬ęcopyright2014owpp

Yet still welcomed by nature’s ornaments

Ending our day with a splash :)

Ending our day with a splash ­čÖé

From the benches I pay homage (Trees 5) 2.6.2013

Bench retreat ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Bench retreat

From the benchesÔÇŽ

From the benches I read and pay
Homage to the reverence I feel
Toward the decorum surrounding

From the contrast in colorsÔÇŽ
To peaceful hidden spots or thick
Shiny roots exploring the mysteries
Of earthÔÇÖs nether.

All groanÔÇŽWhisper in harmony
A lullaby to the ones who see.

Lake, bench, nature ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Lake, bench, nature

Serenity bench ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Serenity bench

Sheltered ┬ęcopyright2013owpp


The hidden ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

The hidden

The comforting ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

The comforting

The charitable in town :) ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

The charitable in town ­čÖé

Exploring the nether ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Exploring the nether

Trees… The artistry of a master (Trees 1)

Tree sculpture ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Tree sculpture

The next few posts will be dedicated to trees of all shape, in all places, tree-trunks, their purpose and our benefits by having them around us.
I have always been fascinated by the strength and energy that emanates from them and found my photo collection growing…
While selecting them for this project which I like to think of as a tribute to the trees around us, I realized Venice had hardly any trees (but many plants) something I hadn’t noticed on our short stay there.

Tree sculpture

A bulge, A rimple
The streaks of sap
The neat folds of a
Bird’s hiding place
Each one carved with
The accuracy and skill
Of a surgeon’s scalpel
With the artistry of…

A master.

Intricate art ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Intricate art

Symmetrical bulges ;) ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Symmetrical bulges ­čśë

Patterns ┬ęcopyright2013owpp


Hiding nest ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Hiding nest