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Life in general posted by Dr Bill Wooten


I hardly ever re-blog but these pearls of wisdom I found on were screaming to be published further on!

“Feelings of suffering change into those of happiness. Feelings of happiness change into suffering. Both arise in dependence upon internal and external causes which change. For example, we see food as pleasurable, but if we eat too much, then it causes suffering. When we are young, we see our bodies as a source of pleasure. As we become older, the same body becomes a source of suffering. Just as a wave is always changing, so the nature of suffering is always to change. It may be experienced as pleasure or as suffering, but it arises from the same source. Pleasure arises from suffering. Seeing pleasure as happiness constitutes suffering. …Pain and pleasure are of the same nature. Although they look different at different times, they both arise from the same sea of delusion and karmic action. Pleasure or pain, one or the other, arises and then falls back into the ocean. Thus we can conclude that pleasure and pain within the ocean of samsara are basically suffering, and dissolve into suffering. This becomes evident in the wide variety of sudden changes of experience depicted in films. Love and hatred, happiness and family strife, peace and war, follow each other in rapid succession. The continuous change, although exaggerated in films, is characteristic of life in general”.

– Ven. Gen Lobsang Gyatso.


No School For My Kids: Radical Unschooling Methods

This video gave me food for thought. It gave me the opportunity to see the subject under a different light.
Many years ago I had read this fascinating book called “The children on the hill” (see photo bellow)
which treated the same subject with an extraordinarily gifted family, each one of them systematically coming out to be a genius in his own activity. I recommend it to anyone looking for an unusual well written-real-life-story.

Bringing out the best in our children doesn’t always necessarily mean they have to follow the main stream educative system.
Those are the words coming out from a strong believer in regular schooling!

I had said I was not going to post until after the holidays but this called for an exception 🙂


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Published on Dec 9, 2013
No School For My Kids: Radical Unschooling Methods


YOU’VE heard of home schooling, now meet the mum who calls herself a ‘radical unschooler.’ Maryanne Jacobs, from Gorebridge, Scotland, is part of a new wave of women who don’t send their kids to school — and don’t teach them at home either. The 32-year-old says her daughter, Rio, nine, and son, Bryden, eight, learn ‘naturally’ on their own by playing computer games like Minecraft and through life experiences — like baking and shopping and being outdoors. Maryanne says Bryden, a numbers whizz, picked up numbers on his own through a Pokemon card game. And her daughter’s love of words came from board games like Monopoly and Scrabble.

Videographer / Director: Lenny Warren
Producer: Hannah Mouland
Editor: Ian Phillips

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