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Beauty in a day at the park

Coming for the food ©copyright2014owpp

Coming for the food

A few crumbs
A lot of birds
Laughter in piles
Swan parade at
The end of a day

The feeder ©copyright2014owpp

The feeder

The bride showing off her trail ©copyright2014owpp

The bride showing off her trail

All here for the fun... ©copyright2014owpp

All here for the fun…

Exotic too ©copyright2014owpp

Exotic too

Drops lingering from the plunge ©copyright2014owpp

Drops lingering from the plunge

E.T at home ;) ©copyright2014owpp

E.T at home 😉

Time to go... ©copyright2014owpp

Time to go…

To my comfort zone :) ©copyright2014owpp

To my comfort zone 🙂

That's better... ©copyright2014owpp

That’s better…

So long... ©copyright2014owpp

So long…


Fascinating Nature – The Most Spectacular Landscapes in the World

I know, it’s 1 hour 29 mn but… (there always is one :)) for those artists out there wanting to be inspired by fascinating landscape where every second of the movie is another masterpiece… this is your chance to grab and watch 🙂
I put my laptop on pause and rapidly sketched 3 landscapes of Namibia’s desert so as to remember shapes and colors for my future projects.
Here they are. Do you like them?

Namibia 1st sketching ©copyright2013owpp

Namibia 1st sketching

Namibia's desert sketching 2 ©copyright2013owpp

Namibia’s desert sketching 2

Namibia 3rd sketching ©copyright2013owpp

Namibia 3rd sketching