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The fantasy tree. Abstract painting.

23.7.2015 The fantasy tree (of the tree collection)-a--1-

The fantasy tree.
A new addition to the Zen tree collection.
This is my latest work. One that I have struggled with in the sense that I debated whether or not I should work further on it. I have sometimes made wrong decisions and spoiled projects so this time I let it simmer… And concluded that I loved too much the curves,texture, hue and shapes (that represent in my opinion a perfect abstract composition) to sacrifice it by attempting some kind of modification.
The thickness was produced by heavy painting and extra heavy gel medium I’ve discovered lately & really enjoy working with!

Close ups to follow… This is the continuation of an abstract collection called “the Zen tree collection”
P.s I would like to give a big thank you to for helping me out with signing my works, something I wished to do for quite a while but every information I got from good willing followers led me to a standstill.

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23.7.2015 The fantasy tree (of the tree collection)-a- (2)-1-


The magic of Burano

A mirage of an hour, a day... ©copyright2014owpp

A mirage of an hour, a day…

It is hard to sustain enthusiasm when speaking of Burano
A flood of memories inundate everyday realities…
Preferring to fly back in time & resuscitate the
Mirage of a second, an hour or a day rather
Than seeing our rainbows after the storm or
Lift our gaze to the stars in our skies…

You gather from these few lines the wonderful time we had in Burano a while back, a village of fishermen & laces, which was enhanced by the encounter of a renowned painted Carlo Memo that inspired me to describe this unique day through poetry.
You can check it here
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and another one on Venice & its dream…

Courtesy of Wikipedia
Burano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon, northern Italy; like Venice itself, it could more correctly be called an archipelago of four islands linked by bridges. It is situated near Torcello at the northern end of the Lagoon, and is known for its lacework and brightly coloured homes.

Burano's charm ©copyright2014owpp

Burano’s charm

Dream of a day ©copyright2014owpp

Dream of a day

Living life to its fullest! ©copyright2014owpp

Living life to its fullest!

Venice 2013 ( French poem with English translation ) Inauguration of year 2013!





This poem was created soon after the count down hence the ” opening of… ” title
and is a result of a few summer days in a world full of dream and fantasy.
We had an amazing apartment-guide service from someone called Massimo Levis,
His references are,

Happy, healthy and serene new year!


Venice the beautiful
You sell dream by the load

The world envies you
Their imitation such pale

The language that sings
“ Permesso “ in a quivering note

The Tabacchi, the stamps,
The postcards, sent hastily
To share, those seconds

Counted, this marvel.
This town so beautiful

That sells dream,
By the load



Venise la belle
Tu vends du rêve à la pelle

Le monde te jalouse
Leurs imitations si pâle
Reproduction !

La langue qui chante
« Permesso « en note frémissante

Les Tabacchi , les timbres,
Les cartes postales, envoyé à la hâte
Pour partager, ces secondes

Compté, cette merveille.
Cette ville si belle

Qui vend du rêve,
A la pelle

Labyrinth 2012

Labyrinth 2012 ©copyright2013owpp

Labyrinth 2012

Labyrinth was a result of wanting a change. Stripes or stronger lines if you want and playing with depth rather than strokes, splashes or movement.
I like to try it all.

I interpret repetition as stagnation which my logic says is ridiculous but my heart chooses otherwise and I listen regardless
of the consequences, given the knowledge that art is a material, limitless and implicates only the canvas I am working with.
There is a liberty because there is room for major error.

With art we live with our own reality, it is all in the abstract, the fantasy, it is a world of its own and that is the beauty of it.