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The bonfire. A glimpse into my working space

There still is a lot more work to be done on this one but I wanted to keep you updated with the stages it’s going through.
Here, I am using extra strong gel medium to even out the texture and “nooks and crannies” of each flame which is a work of patience that I’ll have to take in my stride especially after just recovering from the flue. This is the last project of my bonfire collection.

You can check the first ones in this blog by typing in the search sidebar Bonfire and scrolling down to check the four…

Please excuse any mistakes in this post as it is the first time I am not using my laptop to do it.

It’s a great relief to have worked out how to be able to post from anywhere.

Any suggestions or tips would be welcomed and truly helpful ☺

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The sun tree… my latest addition to the Zen tree collection.

28.7.2015The sun tree of the tree collection-1-

Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your holidays.

This is my latest work inspired by Van Gogh’s.
It’s a heavy painting with extreme relief work produced by a extra heavy gel medium I’ve discovered lately & really enjoy working with!

Best wishes for a warm & restful 2nd half of August 🙂

P.s I would like to give a big thank you to for helping me out with signing my works, something I wished to do for quite a while but every information I got from good willing followers led me to a standstill.
There was an amazing feeling of elation, gratification & the urge to shout Eureka to all those around me 🙂

This is the continuation of an abstract collection called “the Zen tree collection”

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28.7.2015The sun tree of the tree collection (8)-1-

28.7.2015The sun tree of the tree collection (4) (1)-1-

28.7.2015The sun tree of the tree collection (3)-1-