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The little blue house

Summer's blue ©copyright2013owpp

Summer’s blue

Blue as the sky
Blue as the sea
Blue as freedom
As summer’s perfection
As the little blue house


Lake splash 2009

Lake splash 2009 ©copyright2013owpp

Lake splash 2009

Lake splash was a project done with our child as an initiation to
methods colors and texture.

We used acrylic paint a iron spatula and colored sand.

By a morning 18th April 1990 ( English poem with French original text )



This poem I left intact since 1990 and was a result of holidays ending and
having to come back to the realities of chores and routine.

By a morning

Morning without garden
Sadness with no end
Painful awakening
With a misty heart

Experience acquired
Of a unprecedented sojourn
Paradise Island
Of infinite paths

Free of the conscious
That flew in the fields
Madness in the winds
Lived in the moment

End of a morning
Sadness without garden
Foggy awakening
Of a painful heart


Par un matin

Matin sans jardin
Tristesse sans fin
Réveil douloureux
Au cœur brumeux

Expérience acquise
D’un séjour inouï
Ile du paradis
Aux sentiers infinis

Libre du conscient
Envolé dans les champs
Folie dans les vents
Vécu au moment

Fin d’un matin
Tristesse sans jardin
Réveil brumeux
Au cœur douloureux


Horowitz plays Chopin Ballade 1 ( The exquisite pianist )

Vladimir Horowitz courtesy of wikipedia

Vladimir Horowitz
courtesy of wikipedia

As a butterfly nourishes itself from one flower to the other,
so does Master pianist Vladimir Horowitz with his talent.

His fingers fly with such delicacy over the notes, it slides
and glides over your soul and smooths the bumps and dents life
has shaped it with.

Not only is his Technique at the level of utmost perfection,
each note is given his undivided attention, place and

His silences fill the room with beauty and are as much a part
of the piece of music he plays, as anything.

But most of all, it is his soul poured unto it that differs
him, that makes him stand out from all the vast crowd of major
talent throughout generations.

That is what makes HIM, the exquisite pianist.

Enjoy it 🙂

Burano, Venice ( follow up of poem on Burano )

As a follow up of the poem I published yesterday I’m posting you this
video on you tube which does justice to the beauty of the place.

Enjoy it!

Year ’88 Poem translated in English ( with French original text )

 Venice ©copyright2013owpp


Year ’88

We are so taken
By the whirls of life
That sometimes we forget
To live without noise

Look, breathe
Instead of…
Counting, calculating
Sing, dance
Instead of…
Running and catching

We are so taken
By the flow of this life
That we get bored and forget
Today’s good fortune


L’an ’88

On est tellement prit
Par le tourbillon de la vie
Que parfois, l’on oublie
De vivre sans bruit

Regarder, respirer
Au lieu de…
Compter, calculer
Chanter, danser
Au lieu de…
Courir, rattraper

On est tellement prit
Par le courant de cette vie
Qu’on s’ennuie et oublie
Le bonheur d’aujourd’hui

Gad Elmaleh French stand-up comedian with English under-tittle

After listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer, I thought you might want a chilled evening with
the very popular stand-up comedian in France Gad Elmaleh, who went around the globe
with each and every time, jam-packed halls.
I even managed to find it in a brand new version with under tittles for the
English speaking.
Relax and enjoy the show!

Mega Mindy Birthday cake



Hi everyone!

I’m posting a photo of a birthday cake which I found ( the example )
on the internet and took me three hours to reproduce, not with the usual sugar paste
but with marzipan, as that was the available ingredient.



I played around with food coloring to get to the wanted image, the cake is
the usual ” Hello Kitty ” recipe.
Marzipan is a bit of a nuisance, it’s sticky business, but you can see for yourself the results.
The birthday girl was over the moon and so was I 🙂
What do you think?

Follow-up of Question marks painting… Making it easier!

Question marks close up ©copyright2013owpp

Question marks close up

Today I want to make it easier on you and will give you a close up of yesterday’s painting. ( It’s upside down but don’t know yet how to turn them around 🙂 )
I must admit, it’s strenuous on the eye to search for those shaped screws.
Now it’s quite easy to detect them, good luck!