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Let me trespass your presence…

Let me trespass... ©copyright2014owpp

Let me trespass…

This poem was written last night as a result of a very close sibling clamming up when life gets well… what it gets!
I spontaneously resorted back to French (if you’ve followed my blog from the start you know I’m bilingual) feeling this time more comfortable expressing myself in that language after a long period of English.
The two version will be posted here.
I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Let me trespass…
Allow me your presence
Barricade not your life as mine
And cradle your soul to the rhythm of my footstep
Hang your thoughts in the arc of my expectations
To trace a way in the vast plains of hunger.
Share the valleys and peaks
Throwing loneliness to the jackals
To offer alms to the thirsty
She who dozes in the arms of the condemned.
Let us be tempted by union
Building a force to the winds and tides
To be able to nestle in the palm of our hands
The throbbing of our love
The roll of the drums
And reach it out
To a pulsating life…
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Laisse moi trespasser…
Permets moi ta présence
Barricade pas ta vie comme la mienne
Et berce ton âme au rythme de mon pas
Accroche tes pensées dans l’arc de mes espérances
Pour tracer un chemin dans les vastes plaines de la faim.
Partage les vallées et sommets
Jetant ta solitude aux chacals
Pour offrir l’aumône à l’assoiffé
Celle qui somnole dans les bras d’un condamné.
Laissons nous tenter par l’union
Battissant une force aux vents et marées
Pour pouvoir blottir dans la paume de nos mains
Le battement de notre amour
Le roulement des tambours
Et le tendre vers
Une vie palpitante…


Flower that never dies 2008 ( French poetry ” Fleur qui jamais ne meurt ” translated )

Echinacea...flower that never dies ©copyright2013owpp

Echinacea…flower that never dies

Flower that never dies

Oh! Flower on the horizon
How I would like to have your freedom
Flower of derision
Have your honesty

Flower of evil?
Flower so pale?
Flower of fear?

Flower that never dies.

Flower of paradoxes
Flower that detoxifies
Flower of colors
Embalming all hearts

Free to be
Or not to be
To leave and return
Or leave to better return?

Freedom to love
Throughout the summer
Be caressed
By a breeze or dew

Respire the sea air
Or the scent of the earth
Open up to the sun
Or doze in winter

Oh! Follies on the horizon
Longing for derision
Life stifled
Life strangled

By too much wisdom?
Or too much weakness
Stifled or surrounded?
Strangled or cherished
Oh! Flower of recklessness
How I envy your insistence
Living at the rhythm of seasons
without the age of reason

Free to caress
The sun of a summer
Or doze
An enchanted winter


Fleur Qui jamais ne meurt

Oh! Fleur à l’horizon
Comme je voudrais avoir ta liberté!
Fleur de dérision
Avoir ton honnêteté.

Fleur du mal?
Fleur si pâle?
Fleur de la peur?

Fleur qui jamais ne meurt.

Fleur de tous les paradoxes
Fleur qui désintoxique
Fleur de couleurs
Qui embaume les coeurs

libre d’être
Ou de ne pas être
De partir et revenir
Ou partir pour mieux revenir?

Liberté d’aimer
Au fil de l’été
Te laisser caresser
Par une brise ou la rosée

Respirer l’air de la mer
Ou la senteur de la terre
S’éclore au soleil
Ou, somnoler en hiver
Oh! Folie à l’horizon
Envie de dérision
Vie étouffer
Vie étrangler

Par trop de sagesse?
Ou trop de faiblesse
Etouffer ou entourer?
Etrangler ou choyer
Oh! Fleur de l’insouciance
Comme j’envie ton instance!
Vivre au rythme des saisons
Sans l’âge de raisons

Libre de caresser
Le soleil de l’été
Ou de somnoler
Un hiver enchanté

Have a wonderful day!

Contact lointain 1987 ( French Poetry with translation in English as ” Distant communication ” )

distant communication ©copyright2013owpp

distant communication


This poem was written in 1987 after I had received the phone call of one of my very close siblings.
The happiness of hearing his voice was such, that those words just, burst forth as a result.

I am going to put the English translation straight in. I hope you will enjoy it.

Distant communication

A phone rings
And the sun shines
In my head resonates
A ” hello ” that chimes

Messenger of life
That sometimes smiles
Messenger of the subsistence
Of the ” bread ” you have baked

The sun of an instant
The phone of a moment
But, still in my head resonates
A ” hello ” that chimes


Contact lointain

Un téléphone sonne
Et le soleil rayonne
Dans ma tête où résonne
Un ” Allô ” qui carillonne

Messager de la vie
Qui parfois te sourit
Messager de la mie
Du pain que tu as cuit

Le soleil d’un instant
Le téléphone d’un moment
Mais dans ma tête toujours résonne
Un ” Allô ” qui carillonne

Have a beautiful day!

Where are we running to? ” Along the passing days ” 1989 ( French Poetry “Au fil des jours” with English translation )

where are we running to? ©copyright2013owpp

where are we running to?

Hi everyone!

Sometimes life makes me wonder. We are always running to catch something, somewhere. Should it be, a bus, a door, an appointment, the school’s gates, a plane… The list is endless.
Where does it lead us? Are we actually going round in circles, if looked from a different perspective?
Here’s a small poem I hope you’ll like.

Along the passing days

We run but we smile
We follow the road to infinity
We are out of breath,but there we go again!
Ah! What a lousy day!
In two hours I’ll be finished
Rest is not a disease
Ah yes! Tomorrow I shall roll up my sleeves…


Au fil des jours

On court mais on sourit
On suit la route vers l’infini
On s’essouffle, mais nous voilà repartis!
Ah! Quel jour maudit!
Dans deux heures j’aurai fini!
Le repos n’est pas une maladie
Et oui! Demain je retrousse mes manches…

And there we go again… I hope you enjoyed it