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Trying to practice patience with laptop trouble :(

It loves me... it loves me not ;) ©copyright2015owpp

It loves me… it loves me not 😉

I regret to have to let you know that my laptop is not yet fixed & will have to be taken back in tomorrow for a second more thorough check up so, I’m asking you to try & be patient with me until I will be able to come back with a fully functioning one.
I got an ACER Windows8 not even two years ago & it worked perfectly until now so you can understand my disappointment… I thought I could go on with it for at least three years plus, it is an expensive item & yet it’s manufactured to last less than toys do.
I’ll try & borrow one but it’ll only be useful for following & liking.
Wishing all of you the very best 🙂

Question marks & exclamation points 2011

Question marks & exclamation points 2011 ©copyright2013owpp

Question marks & exclamation points 2011

Everyone has question marks in their life, we ponder, get frustrated when answers don’t come up spontaneously, then, exclamation points follow as a result of all that irritation.
I wanted to get that message through by this painting. I got some screws in the shapes of my subject of interest and got to work…
Now, here comes the ” quiz “…
Can you find on this painting, all the question marks & exclamation points?
Give me a sign when you do 🙂