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Tissage ( Weaving ) 2011

Tissage (weaving) 2011 ©copyright2013owpp

Tissage (weaving) 2011

This painting was part of my experiences with new tools and the effect was
made with what they call in painting tool language a Catalyst wedge. It has
various numbers determining the width between the ” teeth ” or you could get
it in a brush which they call a Catalyst polytip bristle brush.

I did not go on using it but I have the feeling it has a load of potential
with a wide range of technique I just have to get familiar with.

I like the way it drags one color into another yet, keeps nearly intact
the piece.
it is a bit in the same spirit as the painting I have on my profile of
Interactions and influences and have posted it too.

Have a lovely weekend! 🙂


Labyrinth 2012

Labyrinth 2012 ©copyright2013owpp

Labyrinth 2012

Labyrinth was a result of wanting a change. Stripes or stronger lines if you want and playing with depth rather than strokes, splashes or movement.
I like to try it all.

I interpret repetition as stagnation which my logic says is ridiculous but my heart chooses otherwise and I listen regardless
of the consequences, given the knowledge that art is a material, limitless and implicates only the canvas I am working with.
There is a liberty because there is room for major error.

With art we live with our own reality, it is all in the abstract, the fantasy, it is a world of its own and that is the beauty of it.

Satellite picture 2009

Satellite picture 2009 ©copyright2013owpp

Satellite picture 2009

This painting was made with acrylic paint and colored sand. It was another texture I wanted to experiment.
In the five years I’ve been painting, I have been ( and still am ) very curious about the so many techniques
available, I tried and go on trying out whatever comes to my attention.
Let me know what you think 🙂