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Hi everyone!
I couldn’t believe five whole years have gone by since I started this blog.
Forgive my absence.
Lately I have been having computer issues and couldn’t keep you updated with my work, the exhibition, my photography…
But I promise to start posting again as soon as it’s all fixed.
Only then will I feel entitled to fully celebrate this milestone ­čÖé
Best of luck to all my faithful followers and visitors and best wishes for a safe and warm winter!


Sketch of the Mona Lisa 2011

Sketch of the Mona Lisa 2011 ┬ęcopyright2013owpp

Sketch of the Mona Lisa 2011

I was terrified of venturing in the world of… and seemingly, daring to ” compete ” with… ( as if we can ­čÖé ) the reputation of this monstrously huge legend as Leonardo da Vinci, by sketching his most famous work of art but I overcame my fears and did it.

Now it’s been waiting more than a years and it feels like a sacrilege to attempt to go any further… I hope I’ll will, one day, pick up my courage and go on with it ­čÖé