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The uncertain- From French original text as L’incertain- Oct. 1990 Adjusted Jan. 2013

dangers of the uncertain ©copyright2013owpp

dangers of the uncertain

The uncertain

Yes and no

The answer of the uncertain
The one that puts himself
In both camps and
Finds his conviction

Fearful, coward, realist
Weighing the pro and cons
The big question
Interrogation point

Is a person not in the right
Of deciding, weighing, measuring
The consequences of his decisions
Should we judge the uncertain?

Far from perfect
Foibles inhabits us
In a constant way
In an existential practice

Yes and no

Will stay without answer


Oui et non

La réponse de l’incertain
Celui qui se met dans les
Deux camps et y trouve
Sa conviction

Peureux, lâche, réaliste
Pesant le pour et le contre
La grande question
Point d’interrogation

La personne n’étant pas en droit
De décider, peser, mesurer
Les conséquences de ses décisions
Devons nous juger l’incertain?

Loin d’être parfait
La déficience nous habite
De manière constante
De façon existentielle

Oui et non

Restera sans réponse

Painting finished!!

This is quicker than I thought, I worked intensively all weekend and this whole week till tonight. I am so relieved to have met the deadline I imposed on myself by promising it to you, by Sunday. 

There was no way I was going to finish it without committing myself. I’ll post it to you as soon as I get a good camera that won’t tone down the colors and hope you’ll like it!