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My pen & paper… my Aeneas



After a long absence I take you between my thumb & index
Hoping to continue an interrupted alliance.
In doubtful moments you call, I long…

Words, shapes, phrases, impressions, perceptions, all dance
To my attention but life hollers, its pulse goes on beating,
Its stream resumes its course then, I forget…

I adapt… Until your next signal.

I remember the bond, the relief, sincerity & trust…
Treating you as a living might be ridiculed, to me you are
Most alive, available around the world,

Pristine & unwrinkled you absorb my unpublished, my Arcanum. (1)
Your condition, that I come along provided with ink & scratch
The cavities of my brain.

I will always be thirsty for more so, after a long or short lapse
Count me among your unwavering, your fidus Achates. (2)
My pen & paper, my Aeneas. (3)

P.S This poem was written far back in 1991 then I adjusted it in 2013 & today I readjusted it again!
hope you’ll like it 🙂

(1) Arcanum

A deep secret, a mystery

(2) Fidus Achates

A faithful friend or companion

(3) Aeneas

n. Greek & Roman Mythology
The Trojan hero of Virgil’s epic poem, the Aeneid, and son of Anchises and Aphrodite. He escaped the sack of Troy and wandered for seven years before settling in Italy.


Rose teardrops

Teardrops... ©copyright2014owpp


Bleeding beauty
Seasonal & moody
Oblivious to the
Comfort you bring
To Winter’s needy

I thought a bit of color in this season might bring all of you some comfort. I played around with color. I wonder which is your favorite?
Wishing you a wonderful weekend 🙂

In its original color ©copyright2014owpp

In its original color

Offering to the needy ©copyright2014owpp

Offering to the needy

You cradle them in your fold

you cradle them from far... ©copyright2013owpp

you cradle them from far…

You invite the houses
From far, cradle them
In your fold, consoling
Their ephemeral shadows.

The image of truth 2005 English poem ( with French original text )

the image of truth ©copyright2013owpp

the image of truth

This poem was written in a time I was extremely tired of the mind and body and thought it had shown on my face but when, I looked in a mirror I had accidentally come across, I saw this very fresh face looking at me!

Let me know what you think 🙂

The image of truth

A fatigued mind
Reflects in the mirror
A mind of peace
And serenity

The exterior can be
So misleading!

So, the whole world
Walks around with, a
Bleeding heart
Without letting it

Am I not the
Only one?

Poor consolation!

Time passes and I pray
That one day
My peaceful mind
Reflects in the mirror

The image of truth


L’image de la vérité

L’esprit en fatigue

Reflète dans le miroir
Une image de paix
Et sérénité

L’écorce peut être
Si trompeur !

Alors, le monde entier
Se promène avec, le
Cœur qui saigne
Sans rien laisser
Paraître ?

Ne suis-je pas
La seule ?

Piètre consolation !

Le temps passe et je prie
Pour qu’un jour
L’esprit en paix
Reflète dans le miroir

L’image de la vérité