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Life back to its folds…

Life back to its folds... ©copyright2014owpp

Life back to its folds…

Life has settled back to raining 🙂
We slowly find ourselves getting back to our routine with new decision-making in order to improve, advance and grow. So my apologies for making myself scarce of late but I need time to study, paint and the only time I’ve got to liking & commenting are the posts I find in my mailbox (I don’t understand why they do while others don’t).
I have not forgotten any of my followers and go on appreciating your concern throughout my blogging experience which I hope will pick up once things get more settled & I get more accustomed to the pattern of the days.
I know it’s classical to want new goals after a good break but hard to follow up so I have to play it moment by moment & see if I can keep up to that determination, the one that gave me strength to decide in the first place.

My thanks goes toward your constant support!

Green flies on organically grown plants… can anyone help?



I have asked a blogger that question already but I did not have photos to show.
They were hard to take as my macro is a very basic one but I got some good enough close ups for anyone to have an idea of what I’m talking about.
I tried red pepper juice with soap, vinegar cut with water but they all spoil the leaves which as you know takes a long time to grow.
These little guests come later when the plant has finally had time to grow and you to have become very fond of them.
Anyone with an idea that works without any damage will be gratefully welcomed on this blog and who knows, we might help others in the process 😉



Are they  eggs? ©copyright2013owpp

Are they eggs?





A Daedalean mind-1989 adjusted on the 26.2.2013

this symmetric & fascinating planet ©copyright2013owpp

this symmetric & fascinating planet

A Daedalean (1) mind

To speak or
Not to speak?

He uses extremes
Romancing life
Hyperbolizing (2)
Instead of
The grace…

The elegance
And charm
Just enough
To keep
The warmth
Of human

Keeping at bay
What is
Accepted topics
Safe and comfortable
All but lineal.
Loosing himself.

Regretful about
Having divulged
In a confession…
His inner…
His mind
Going in
An overdrive
By his past.

Rare moments
Of confrontation.
In the purlieus. (3)
Wondering… was
He too candid,
A Neophyte
At life?
Did he owe
A summary

Of his every
Did he have to
Legitimize them,
His behavior,
His awkwardness
And moderate
His floods

Of fervor
And passion?
His mind
With big
Question marks.
His act of defiance…
Test the

Of his “opponent”,
Throw the
Of his being
In a first shot.
Their reactions.
Would they
Would he…

So he could
The insanity
Of this planet.
His motto,
Aim so as
Not to be
Aimed at.

Rated or
As cattle.
Take it
Or throw it
Do not
Mock his
His suffering

By the illiteracy
Of another’s path and,
Futile attempts
To lending
An ear.
He treads on,
A better
World to come

Coercing it
To arise
From the
Of his
To this folly…
This symmetric
And fascinating

Insane planet.


Dae·da·lus (ddl-s)
n. Greek Mythology
A renowned craftsman, sculptor, and inventor and builder of the Labyrinth. He fashioned the wings with which he and his son Icarus escaped from Crete after their imprisonment by Minos.
Dae·dali·an, Dae·dale·an (d-dl-n, -dlyn) adj.


hy·per·bo·lize (h-pûrb-lz)
v. hy·per·bo·lized, hy·per·bo·liz·ing, hy·per·bo·liz·es
To use hyperbole; exaggerate.


pur·lieu (pûrly, pûrl)
1. An outlying or neighboring area.
2. purlieus Outskirts; the environs.
3. A place that one frequents.

131st Follower!! A big Thank you to you all!

A big thank you! ©copyright2013owpp

A big thank you!

I truly appreciate and thank you for the trust you have shown me in these past four
months by becoming followers.

When I started to blog I never dreamed of reaching any numbers. I did not know anything
about it, therefore had no ambitions linked to it and still do not have any, I am always
surprised when I see the numbers adding up…

Now, I have reached 4,354 views, 464 comments… I do not know how it came about. I am
truly thankful and happy my work is of interest to a generous, kind, very artistically
talented and gifted crowd.

Thank you again 🙂